D: Dance 9-12 BBoys

Student Handbook  

Sky Zone Waiver  

Must complete if you are coming on the Sky Zone field trip. 


You can follow your progress on Schoology. Check your attendance and your marks. 

Please sign up for an account here: 
Block D Dance 9-12 BBoys: Access Code: P275Q-CTWTF

Student Choreography Deadlines: 

Thursday, April 27: Showcase #1 / Music Edit
Wednesday, May 3: Showcase #2 / 15 seconds
Wednesday, May 10: Showcase #3 / 30 seconds
Monday, May 15: Showcase #4 / 50 seconds / Feedback Activity #1
Wednesday, May 24: Showcase #5 / 1min+
Thursday, June 1: Final Showcase / Feedback Activity #2

Music Editing: 

Please see Ms. J for help editing music if you need it. I can help you in the dance office and get you started. 
You must be able to edit music. You can use whatever application you like. Audacity is a free one that you can use on PC or MAC. Here is a list of apps for your android. Here is a list of apps for your Iphone. Have fun, maybe learn something new by creating something new.
You will need to edit your warm-up and your student choreography.

Feedback Activity #1: May 15

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