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End of Semester Dances!!!!

Block F... Grade 8 TAP!!! Holla at cha dirty rascaaaaaaaal! (dizeeeee)

Block G... Seven Nation Army... DONE!!!
Block H...

Senior Dance Team Parent Meeting - or any parents from any team that are available and I haven't met with yet!

The Senior Hip Hop Team will have their parent meeting for Armstrong on Monday March 2 at 4:30 - right after their practice. It won't take long.

The BBoys will probably have their parent meeting after their practice on March 11 at 4:30.

I do not know when the juniors are planning to have their meeting - but you are welcome to come to either of the above parent meetings.

Again - students will not be allowed to go on the trip if a parent or guardian has not attended a parent meeting.

If you have already attended a parent meeting - then you do not need to come again!

See you soon!!

Field Trip Forms and Money Deadlines:

Here are the deadlines for parent and teacher permission forms and field trip fees:

March 3 - Harbour Dance Field Trip on March 4th: $20

past due: High School High Fee: $20

April 7 - Bell Centre Permission forms (not handed out yet)

April 16 - Adrenaline: $100

March 27 - Harbour Dance Field Trip on March 30th: $20

April 15 - Ballet BC A Streetcar Named Desire on April 16th: $20

May 14 - Bikram's Yoga on May 21st: $20
There is an extra permission form for this trip from the yoga studio that needs to be signed by parents

Parent Meeting

Here is the parent plan:

I will hold another parent meeting for the parents who were not able to attend the first meeting. If your parents do not attend, you will not be able to go on the trip to Armstrong. If it turns out that there are quite a few people who are cut from the Armstrong trip, the entire trip will be canceled.

If you have a preference to meeting times - please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

I would be willing to do one meeting for each team after a team practice - but I will not meet individually with each of the 51 parents - please think about the time and effort that is put into this event - by all.

Semester 2 Week 3 Dances!

Block E - Every Man I Fall For

Block F - Knock Knock

Block G - Seven Nation Army

Block H - 3 is the Magic Number

Block H - Mojo's Kayne Mix!

Travel Tips, Rules, and Expectations

Frank Hurt School
Travel Tips, Rules, and Expectations

Travel Tips and Guidelines

1. Do not over pack. You must be able to carry your luggage by yourself.
2. If you bring any electronic devices make sure they are clearly labelled with your name.
3. Be sure to budget enough money for food. You should allow yourself around $10 per meal.
4. Be sure to bring identification with you and your care card.
5. Do not pack liquids. Water will be provided on the bus.
6. All luggage will be searched before we leave the school.

Trip Expectations

1. Be punctual for all times and meeting places. Be on time!!
2. Students and their parents are financially responsible for damage to their assigned rooms.
3. Smoking, drinking, or use of illicit drugs is illegal and not permitted.
4. Students may not leave the hotel without teacher or chaperone permission.
5. Students are to be in their rooms all night from set in room time to wake-up time indicated on the itinerary.
6. Be respectful to all including chaperones, teachers, hotel staff and restaurant workers.
7. Charges are not to be made to the room for any reason.
8. Obedience to all school rules and laws are mandatory.
9. Common courtesy is expected at all times.
10. Cell phones are allowed but must be handed in to Ms. Johnson at lights out. They can be picked up in the morning.

Group Togetherness

1. Buddy system: you must be with a group of at least two at all times.
2. Be respectful at all times
3. Get your rest and be kind to your friends and classmates.

Students who do not follow the above guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action. Any drug and alcohol infraction will result in the student immediately being sent home at the parents expense and will be subsequently be suspended from school and removed from the dance program. Any other offences can range from a warning to a phone call home and finally being sent home at the parents’ expense. You will have a great time on this trip. All of these rules are common sense and will not effect how much fun you have on the trip. Stay within the rules, respect each and we will all have a great time.

Armstrong Itinerary

Armstrong Itinerary

April 18 – April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

8:30 am Arrive at Frank Hurt School
9:00am Leave Frank Hurt School
11:00 -12:00pm Refreshment break in Merritt
12:00pm Leave Merritt
2:00pm Arrive at Super 8 Hotel Vernon:
4204 – 32nd St
Check in
2:30-3:30pm Eat at White Spot (15% discount for hotel guests)
3:30pm Leave Super 8
4:00pm Arrive at Pleasant Valley School
2365 Pleasant Valley Road
Register/ Practice/ Get ready
5:30pm Doors open to public
6:00-9:30pm Competition
9:30-10:00pm Awards
10:15pm Leave Pleasant Valley Secondary
10:45pm Arrive at Super 8 Vernon
11:00pm In rooms for the night
11:30pm Lights out

Sunday, April 19, 2009

8:30am Wake-up
Eat Free Superstart Breakfast (Included)
9:30-11:00am Swim, hot tub, shower, pack
11:00am Check out of Super 8 – give all keys to Mike
11:15am On the bus
1:15 – 2:15pm Refreshment Break in Merritt
2:15pm Leave Merritt
4:15pm Arrive at Frank Hurt School

Note: Parents please be prompt in picking up students as all will be tired from the trip.

Dance Team Parent Meeting Itinerary

Dance Team Parent Meeting Itinerary
Thursday, February 19, 2009

1. Armstrong Itinerary
2. Travel Tips, Rules, and Expectations
3. Parent/Teacher Volunteers: Mama J
Ms. Johnson
Ms. Priest
Mr. Szymanski
Mike Rivera
4. Anyone else interested in attending please see me after the meeting. We have room for two more parents on the bus.
5. Fees, field trips, and other important dates
6. Today’s showcase: 5:30 Junior Hip Hop
6:00 Senior Open
6:30 Senior Hip Hop
7:00 BBoys

Dance Teams Parent Meeting for ARMSTRONG

We will be having a meeting for dance team parents on Thursday, Feb. 19 at 5pm. We will meet in the dance studio. We will be talking about the dance team trip to Armstrong on April 18 and 19th. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Dance teams will be showcasing their dances for the open house:
Juniors 5:30-6
Sr. Open 6-6:30
Sr. Hip Hop 6:30-7
BBoys 7-7:30

(I think.. I have to check the board back at school!!)

Dances from WEEK 2 of SEM2!!! Happy V day and Friday the 13!!! LEAVE ME A COMMENT!!!

First we have block G - Dancing to White Stripes: Seven Nation Army

Now, Block E - Dancing to Every Man I Fall For by Cold War Kids

And Finally, Block F - Dancing to Knock Knock - by Dizzee Rascal!

ENJOY!!! (and practice!!!!!!!) and leave me a comment.. and become a follower!!!

Punky Brewster!!!


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