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Dance Team Contract and Contact Information

Please e-mail the following information to Ms. J at before your audition. I will announce the new teams for 2009/ 2010 at the June show on the 11th! There will be late auditions in September for new students :)

Frank Hurt Dance Team Application Form 2009 – 2010

Please e-mail ( this application to Ms. Johnson by: Friday, June 13, 2008
If you are chosen to be on one of the dance teams – the contract will have to be signed and fees will have to be paid by Sept. 15, 2008 at the first meeting.

Early Auditions for the dance team are: Wednesday, June 18, 2008: 10 - 12

Full name and grade:

1. Circle which dance team(s) you are auditioning for: (8-12 can audition for senior teams.)
a) Sr. Hip Hop b) Sr. Open (jazz and modern) c) Jr. Hip Hop d) Sr. Breakdance e) Jr. Breakdance

2. If you are grade 8-10 and you are not chosen for the senior team – will you accept a place on the junior team?

3. Have you ever been on Frank Hurt Dance team before?

4. IF you have been asked …

Dance Team Parent Meeting - contract and rules!

Parents - please leave a comment below after you have watched the video - agreeing with the contract and that you allow your son or daughter to be apart of dance team.

You could write something like...
Ms. Johnson.. you are so funny... and your hair is not that bad! My daughter Nora can totally join the dance team and she will obey all of the rules. I look forward to seeing you at the competitions. Thanks for all your... hard work!!
Nora's mom ... Mrs. Nora!


Alison, Anjali, Cierra, Andrew, Richard, Jordan, and Stephanie - There is a very important meeting for you.. this Friday.. right after school in the dance studio. Let's start off this year right!

Dance team practices start Monday, Sept. 21, 2009 at 7am. I will be supervising all practices the first week. After that the schedule is:

Monday Tuesday Wednesay Thursday Friday
7am - 8 Sr. Hip Hop Sr. Open Jr. B-Peeps Sr. B-Peeps Jr. Hip Hop
3pm - 4:30 Jr. B-Peeps Sr. B-Peeps Sr. Hip Hop Jr. Hip Hop Sr. Open

Coaches Alison / Anjali Cierra Andrew/ Richard Jordan/ Andrew Stephanie/ Cierra
Andrew/ Richard Jordan/ Andrew Alison / Anjali Stephanie/ Cierra Cierra

Supervisors Marilyn Menzies Ms. J Ms. J Ms. J Ms. J
Ms. J Aimee Bergevin Ms. J Ms. J Megan Barnet

Important Dates for Semester 1

Important Dates for Semester 1:
TBA: Harbour Dance Field Trip – 25 students first come first serve – signed forms and $20
Nov. 18: 3-4 Works in Progress Dress Rehearsal
Nov. 19: 5:45- 7:45 Works in Progress Show – for family only!
Apr. 17-19: Adrenaline Dance Competition in Armstrong – Dance Teams
Nov. 28: 1-5:30 Evolution Dance Competition – Teams only
Jan. 8: 3-5 January Show Dress Rehearsal
Jan. 8: Dance Festival at the Bell Centre – Dance Classes
Jan. 14: 3-5 January Show Dress Rehearsal
Jan. 16: Outbreak Dance Competition at the Bell Centre – Dance Teams and Classes

Warm-Up + P (Positive People)

New warm-up music -