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June Show Costumes

June Show Costumes

Block 1


Jazmein - Lady Gaga costume (Lana is bringing it in)

Black leggings

White top - any kind of top - no writing

Black and white shoes

black socks

Hair: twist front/ down and curly

Make-up: normal stage make-up


Black leggings

Black tank or cut black shirt (no writing)

Bright coloured sports bra or bandeau (pinned)

Black high tops

Hair: twist front/ down and curly

Make-up: normal stage make-up

other group:

Black jogging pants (no writing)

Black t-shirt (no writing)


Black shorts

Purple tank or t-shirt

Bare feet

Hair: Bangs pulled off face

Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Group Choreo

Design your own costumes in your groups.

Block 4

Lunch Break

Black Dickies pants -provided by the school - bring a belt!

Blue Plaid shirts - provided by the school

Black sneakers (or darkest ones you have)

It’s Battle Time

Red or black hoodie/ top (bring both if you can)

Blue jeans

Black sneakers (or the darkest ones you have)

Group Choreo

Design your own costumes…

June Show Order

Frank Hurt arrtive at 5:30
Queen Elizabeth arrive at 6:00
Tickets go for sale at 6:30 - $5
Flower boquets for sale at 6:30 - $5
50/50 Draw for sale at 6:30 - $2 for 3 / $5 for an arm's length
Doors open at 6:45
Show starts at 7:00

June Show Order
1. X Block: Swim Good choreographed by Andrew

2. Block 1: Student Choreography project: Danielle

3. Block 1: Teeth choreographed by Danielle

4. X Block : Latisha and Shilpa

5. Block 4: Lunch Break

6. X Block : Monica, Mariah, Jen

7. Block 1: Student Choreography project: Andrea

8. Block 1: Perfect choreographed by Andrea

9. X Block: Seth and Calvin

10. Queen Elizabeth Junior Team

11. Block 1: Student Choreography project: Jessie

12. Block 1: YOLO choreographed by Jessie

13. Block 4: Student Choreography project: Matt

14. Block 4: It’s Battle Time

15. Queen Elizabeth Senior Team

16. X Block: Michelle H, Michelle F, Elaine, Jessie, April, Rheann

17. Block 1: Group Choreographies: Theme: Drake, The Weekend, Chris Brown

18. Block 4: Group C…

X Block Practice Change!

There is no X block on Thursday, May 31. (I have to go to the dance teachers' meeting - it was moved from Friday) SO, our X block will be WEDNESDAY, May 30, 2:50-4:20. It is the last one before our Dress Rehearsal and Elementary show... so be there!

YouTube: Block 1 Perfect ... DONE!

YouTube: Block 1 Perfect by Andrea!!

Photos: Bikrams 2012

YouTube: Matt's Choreography: It's Battle Time is FINISHED!!

Photos: Bell and Outbreak