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2016 - 2017 Dance Handbook for Students and Parents

2016 – 2017 Dance Handbook for Students and Parents Welcome to DANCE at Frank Hurt Secondary. My goal is to help students become happy and healthy dancers. This is a fun class but it is a lot of work. Dance is an art form that when performed can look easy, but much work and effort goes into even the smallest movement. With hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, students will do really well in this class, gain a sense of accomplishment, have fun, and make some new dance friends.
Units of StudyWe will review concepts that we learned in previous grades and move towards increasing our cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. This year we will be focussing on finding our cores, using our breath, and engaging with the audience.
Here are some of the activities that we will be working on for each curricular competency: Explore and Create (8-12)·Combinations in different dance genres (Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, BBoy/BGirl, Tap) ·Freestyles, battles, ciphers, improvisati…