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YouTubes: Outbreak 2018 / Scoresheets

YouTube: Surrey Dance Festival, April 25, 2018: Teg's Plan

Surrey Dance Festival: April 25, 2018

When: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 9:45 - 1:30  C - Attend your block C class  Flex - Come to the dance studio and get ready to go - eat a snack / go to the washroom D - Miss block D  Lunch - Miss lunch  A - Miss block A  B - Attend your block B class - which is dance - we will eat out lunch and watch the performance. 
Who: Block B Hip Hop Class  Where: Bell Centre for Performing Arts  Please Remember:  - your costumes  - bring a lunch - you won't be able to purchase a lunch in the cafeteria today - bring a water - go to the washroom before we go - you must be escorted to the washroom at Sullivan Heights - be kind to the volunteers at the Bell Centre

Costumes for block B -class t-shirt
-black joggers or leggings
-black / dark shoes
-hair for angels: high pony tails
-hair for devils: french braids
-hair for people with short hair - clean and tidy
-make-up: stage make-up

Show is free to come and watch! Come and see us dance :-) 

Outbreak 2018 Information: April 28, 2018

When: April 28, 2018 Registration Time: Registration for Frank Hurt is at 10:15 - be there at 10:00 with Go Card.  Doors open at 11:30 / Show starts at 12:00 / Ends by 5pm  Who is competing: Block B Hip Hop, Junior Team, Senior Team, Break Team Where: Chandos Pattison Auditorium 10238-168 st. Surrey
NEW Final Program: 

Outbreak 2018- Final Reminders
 Please make dancers aware that they need to bring food and/or purchase food from the concession which takes cash, debit, and credit. (Debit and credit is really slow.)
 Each school will have an assigned section of seats in the theatre. Students will be called/escorted back three numbers before their turn.
 Please keep the washrooms clean and tidy as all washrooms are shared with the audience.
-Backstage dressing rooms are reserved for dancers who have quick changes. Please remind dancers NOT to leave anything in those dressing rooms during the show UNLESS it is specifically for a quick change. Similarly, dancers may not touch or move costume…

YouTubes: HCDC18