Surrey Dance Festival: April 25, 2018

When: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 9:45 - 1:30 

C - Attend your block C class 
Flex - Come to the dance studio and get ready to go - eat a snack / go to the washroom
D - Miss block D 
Lunch - Miss lunch 
A - Miss block A 
B - Attend your block B class - which is dance - we will eat out lunch and watch the performance. 

Who: Block B Hip Hop Class 

Where: Bell Centre for Performing Arts 

Please Remember: 

- your costumes 
- bring a lunch - you won't be able to purchase a lunch in the cafeteria today
- bring a water
- go to the washroom before we go - you must be escorted to the washroom at Sullivan Heights
- be kind to the volunteers at the Bell Centre

Costumes for block B

-class t-shirt
-black joggers or leggings
-black / dark shoes
-hair for angels: high pony tails
-hair for devils: french braids
-hair for people with short hair - clean and tidy
-make-up: stage make-up

Show is free to come and watch! Come and see us dance :-) 

Outbreak 2018 Information: April 28, 2018

When: April 28, 2018

Registration Time: Registration for Frank Hurt is at 10:15 - be there at 10:00 with Go Card. 

Doors open at 11:30 / Show starts at 12:00 / Ends by 5pm 

Who is competing: Block B Hip Hop, Junior Team, Senior Team, Break Team

Where: Chandos Pattison Auditorium 10238-168 st. Surrey

NEW Final Program: 

Outbreak 2018- Final Reminders

 Please make dancers aware that they need to bring food and/or purchase food from the concession which takes cash, debit, and credit. (Debit and credit is really slow.)

 Each school will have an assigned section of seats in the theatre. Students will be
called/escorted back three numbers before their turn.

 Please keep the washrooms clean and tidy as all washrooms are shared with the

-  Backstage dressing rooms are reserved for dancers who have quick changes. Please remind dancers NOT to leave anything in those dressing rooms during the show UNLESS it is specifically for a quick change. Similarly, dancers may not touch or move costumes in the backstage dressing rooms for quick changes.

only dancers in multiple dances with varying hair and makeup may occupy the
bathroom/changerooms getting ready. Dancers are sharing the bathrooms with the audience, so please help keep them clean.


1. All students must present their Go-Cards at the time of registration, please do not arrive until your designated registration time, you will not be allowed to register early- rain or shine!

2. Teachers or coaches are not permitted to question judges about their scoring. If you have a miscalculation go speak directly to Katherine Law, so the error can be adjusted as soon as possible. Any other complaints must be made in writing to the Surrey Secondary Dance Teachers’ Association c/o Katherine Law @

3. All numbers must have appropriate content for family viewing. Swearing or vulgar language will result in disqualification.

4. Substances that alter the condition of the stage, (i.e. confetti, water, glass props) are not permitted in any category. No boots or shoes than would mark the stage floor. (runners and bare feet only)

5. All dancers must be from the same school.

6. Music must be dropped in the shared BOX by Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Teachers and coaches should bring an extra copy of their songs on USB for back up.

7. Costumes must be age-appropriate for a family audience.

8. Remember this is a family show so moves should not be disrespectful to the audience. Judges may deduct for rude gestures or bad taste.

9.  All dancers must remain in the theatre for the duration of the show, with the exception of washroom and food breaks (we are not going to strictly enforce this rule as warm-ups, especially for acrobatic sections are extremely important for safety- the idea here is we don’t want groups in the lobby practicing the ENTIRE time- they should be ready!)

10.  No food or drink in the theatre.