Morning Conditioning Failed - Cancelled

Not one person showed up for morning conditioning. There is an obvious lack of interest so this futile endeavour is cancelled. 

Field Trip: November 24th: The Dance Centre

Semester one we have a field trip to The Dance Centre in Vancouver on Thursday, November 24th. The students will be watching a contemporary performance called The Response and having a dance class with Lesly Telford. The cost to students is $25. This includes a live performance, a dance class, and transportation by school bus. Students will need to bring a lunch or money to purchase a lunch. (sushi, Starbucks, pizza, Tim Horton’s, and Subway are all close by.)

To sign up for this field trip please fill in and return the permission forms signed by parents and teachers with $25 in exact change or a cheque made out to Frank Hurt Secondary with your child’s student number on it. Permission forms and $25 are due: Thursday, September 29th at 4:20. 

YouTubes: A & B: The Light Choreo Challenge / C: Can We Auto Correct Humanity?

I was playing with different camera angles and options. I am trying to find the best set up for our videos this year.

Junior and Senior Hip Hop Team / Break Team / Contemporary Team *updated Oct. 4

Thank-you everyone who came out to our auditions this year. Please come to practices starting September 27th and 28th and try your hardest. The first two weeks will be like call back auditions. We want to see how everyone works and moves together for a few weeks before we have our final dance team list. For those who did not make it, I am really sorry. Please keep dancing and trying - some of you were so close and I know how hard you have already been trying. I dislike auditions because we can't have everyone. Please come to dance club on Thursdays at lunch and Friday morning conditioning. Keep dancing and try again next year!! Break team members are strongly encouraged to come and dance at lunch time.

Junior Hip Hop 

Tuesdays / Thursdays
2:50 - 4:20 

Coaches: Ciara, Andrea, Charlene

Natasha Kragh 10
Leandra Milfrise 10
Serena Kallon 9
Donna Tran 10
Laila Ali 10
Trisha  Ojijo 10
Trizia Arlan 10
Tegvaran Sooch 10
Jadorrah  Singh 9
Janine Anne Mariano 8
Manelle Ramos 8
Jwan Modi 8
Anna Nguyen 9
Maegan  Hermosa 9
Tam Tran 9
Lily Trinh 10
Japnam Maylat 8
Nina Bernabe 8
Gursimran Lehl 8
Regine Matalang 10
Kim  Obrien 8

Contemporary Team 

Tuesdays  / Thursdays
2:50 - 4:20 


Alyssa Ranville Christiansen 9
Jamie Steeves 8
Emma  Zhen 10
Mystina  Manu 11
Jasmine  LeMasaurier 12
Jaiden  Rougeau 8

Senior Hip Hop 

Wednesdays / Thursdays
2:50 - 4:20 

Coaches: Kim & Angelica

Saron Beyene 11
Shariza Singh 12
Abby  Teshome 11
Lil'Kim  Tran 11
Nhuy Tran 12
Yancy  Torralba 12
Johanna  Dominguez 12
Charlene Ursua 11
Ciara  Cruz  11
Andrea Legaspi 11
Leandra  Milfrise 10
Trizia  Arlan 10
Tam  Tran 9
Donna  Tran  10

Break Team

Wednesdays / Thursdays
2:50 - 4:20 

Coaches: Bryan, Braden, Brian, Bilaal & Huy

Devin Dang 9
Steven Dinh 12
Damon Kirk Felipe 10
Jordan Weekes 10
Ranedyl Paampag 10
Jatinder Singher 10
josh licerio 9
Ebert Idemudia 8
Frances  Mortela 9
Anna  Nguyen 9
Rajan  Sandhu 11
AJ  Idemudia 12
Nikiel  Lal 12

YouTubes: Break / Contemporary Pre-Audition Classes

Thank-you for coming out to the Break and Contemporary pre-audition classes. You can register for Dance Team auditions here. Here are the videos so you can practice:

YouTubes: Hip Hop Pre-Audition Class / Dance 8 Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Thank-you to everyone who came to dance at the Hip Hop pre-audition class.
Register for next week's auditions here. 
Here is the video for you to practice with: 

Dance 8 Rotation 2: Hip Hop: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?