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--> Sweatpants Costumes
Block 2 Geek USA Nurse pants (at school) Plain white t-shirt Black tank top underneath t-shirt Shoes: bare feet or toe undies Hair: crazy messy – but out of face Make-up: Normal stage make-up – mess it up a bit – smudgy – (put this dance at the end)
The Red Shoes Aimee: Black socks, red shoes, come up with own costume, hair half up and half down so off of face. Melanie: same as everyone but with a hat??? Or something? Black leggings Flannel – tied around waist (at school or bring your own) Black t-shirt Shoes: sneakers Hair: bamboo down middle – four elastics on head and then more on the pony depending how long your hair is. Make –up: Normal stage make –up

Block 3 Roots Roots Shirts (at school) Khaki pants / light grey Shoes: dark sneakers
Beat Street As much red as you can - try to bite some of the styles from the Youtube clips Shoes: matching outfit - sneakers
Block 4 Scratch Promo Shirts (at school) Frank Hurt Grad shirts if our shirts aren’t here in time. Black p…

June 4 Show Order - NEW

Please check to make sure you have enough time to change between dances.
Please check for other mistakes in names or dance titles.
Please send me your final music edits so I can have the playlist ready.

--> June 4 Show Order On 1.Yeeeeta: Bryan, Brian, Braden, Nes, Bilaal, Brandon, & Steven
2.Jessica Felix Contemporary Solo – Take it Easy Off 3.