YouTubes: Bell Centre and Outbreak!!!

On Friday, April 29 - International Dance Day - Frank Hurt classes performed at the Surrey Secondary Dance Festival at the Bell Centre for Performing Arts. Here is a video of their performances:

On Saturday, April 30 - Frank Hurt classes and dance teams competed against sixteen other high schools at Outbreak at Chandos Pattison Theatre. My students made me so proud! I was just in yoga and I got a little verklempt thinking about how lucky I am to have so many awesome students to work with. You guys shined yesterday. I got compliments from the registration table - our school was the best at registration - polite, organized and in alphabetical order. Thank-you!!!!!

Now for our booty: The grade 8's won 2nd in the junior class division. The grade 9/10 class was competing against the boys class in the intermediate class division and they won 2nd and 1st. Matt and Josh danced at intermission because they won first for their junior duo at Outbreak Small Teams. The Junior Dance team did not place but they danced really well. The Senior dance team won FIRST and Andrew won first for his choreography as well. Anjali danced in a surprise piece at the end with Navid and Mica. And finally, the Bboys battled against Kwantlen Park and took second in the break battle. It was an amazing day! AWESOME job EVERYONE!!! Check out the videos from yesterday:

NEW OUTBREAK INFORMATION!! Please meet at Chandos at 12:15

“O Canada”: Sharnele Petrunia
OPENING NUMBER: Sonny Claveria - Darcelle’s Dancers & COMPETITION BEGINS (2pm)

Panel “A” judges *student choreo Panel “B” judges
*1. Kwantlen Park *2. Panorama Gr.8
3. Princess Margaret 4. Frank Hurt
5. Queen Elizabeth
Senior Class continued *6. Kwantlen Park
*7. Panorama Ridge 8. Princess Margaret
9. North Surrey 10.Queen Elizabeth
11.Fleetwood Park *12.Panorama Ridge #1

SENIOR OPEN TEAM Interm. Class continued
13. Sullivan Heights 14. Frank Hurt #1
*15. Lord Tweedsmuir *16. Panorama Ridge #2
*17. North Surrey 18. Frank Hurt #2
*19. Panorama Ridge


*20. Johnston Heigths
21. Winston Churchill *22. Princess Margaret
23. L.A. Matheson *24. Sullivan Heights
*25. Windermere 26. Guildford Park #1
*27. Panorama Ridge *28. Semiahmoo
*29. Sullivan Heights *30. Queen Elizabeth
31. Princess Margaret *32. Frank Hurt
*33. North Surrey *34. Fleetwood Park
*35. Frank Hurt *36. Enver Creek
*37. Fleetwood Park *38. Panorama Ridge
*39. Enver Creek 40. Guildford Park #2
*41. North Surrey

*BREAK BATTLE (2 top teams from Small Team event)
Registration & w-up schedule for Outbreak 2011

- Dancers with teacher/sponsor must enter by the back doors for registration and bag checks. Please have I.D. (& care card #) with you.
- Teachers, we would appreciate you wearing t-shirt in your package. Dancers, please arrive with outfits on as change rooms are limited.
- Once inside the theatre, dancers must wear their wristbands.
An usher will escort you to your seats where you wait for stage time.
- BEFORE YOUR STAGE TIME, make sure you hand in your music (must be on flashdrive) to Will on 2nd floor. When on stage, he will check to make sure he has the correct music for each of your groups.
- Please block dances without music (3 min. max per number)
Ms. Law from Sullivan is in charge.

L.A. Matheson 10:30 10:40 – 1 entry, 3 min
Johnston Heights 10:30 10:45 – 1 entry, 3 min
Semiahmoo 10:40 10:50 – 1 entry, 3 min
Lord Tweedsmuir 10:40 10:55 – 1 entry, 3 min
Winston Churchill 10:45 11:00 – 1 entry, 3 min
Windermere 10:45 11:05 – 1 entry, 3 min

Kwantlen Park 10:50 11:10 – 2 entries, 6 min
Guildford Park 11:00 11:20 - 2 entries, 6 min

Sullivan Heights 11:10 11:30 - 3 entries, 9 min
Enver Creek 11:20 11:40 – 2 entries, 6 min
Fleetwood Park 11:30 11:50 – 3 entries, 9 min

Princess Margaret 11:40 12:00 – 4 entries, 12 min
Queen Elizabeth 11:55 12:15 – 3 entries, 9 min
North Surrey 12:10 12:30 – 4 entries, 12 min

Frank Hurt 12:25 12:45 – 5 entries, 15 min
Panorama Ridge 12:40 1:00 – 7 entries, 21 min
Sonny Claveria’s group 1:00 n/a (tickets needed T.B.A)
Dinah Emnacen’s group 1:15 n/a (will pay for 13 tickets)

- After your stage time, if feasible, you are free to leave, sit in your seats or find space to rehearse. Just be respectful of ushers and others.
- If you choose to leave, you must re-enter by the back doors and go through bag check every time. You must be in your seats @ 1:40pm.

AUDIENCE WILL START TO ENTER AT 1:30pm. Intro speech @ 1:50pm.

WHEN: Saturday, April 30th
Show time @ 2 pm, doors open to public @ 1:30 pm
Event should end by 5pm.
WHERE: Chandos Pattison Theatre (10238-168 St., Surrey)

ADV. TICKETS $10 – see your sponsor teacher / available until April 29th
- cash or cheque to Fleetwood Park Secondary
- Teachers must bring ticket money OR unsold tickets on the 30th

TICKETS AT DOOR $15 (if any left after advance ticket sales)
P.S. Children under 5 are free. Children between 5 and 10 are $5.

- To facilitate the process, please line up students using the school roster you provided.

MUSIC ON FLASHDRIVE – please number by program attached
ex: #11 – Fleetwood Park Sr. Class
- bring CD for backup only (all songs on one CD is OK)

SEATING PLAN: - You must sit in designated seats and preferably in order of program.
Kwantlen Park 45 + teacher + coach (47) R side C,D,E 1 to 16
Panorama Ridge 129 + teacher + coach (131) R side F to M 1 to 16 + N (1 to 3)
Princess Margaret 62 + teacher (63) R side N (4 to 16), O & Q (1 to 16)
Frank Hurt 100 + teacher (101) R side R (5 to 16) + S to X (1 to 16)
Queen Elizabeth 43 + teacher + coach (45) L side C,D,E 32 to 47
North Surrey 64 (64) L side F to I 33 to 48
Fleetwood Park 46 (46) center G,H,I 17 to 32
Sullivan Heights 41 + 2 teachers (43) L side J,K,L 33 to 48
Lord Tweedsmuir 12+ 1 teacher (13) L side M 33 to 48
Johnston Heights 9 + teacher (10) L side N 33 to 42
L.A. Matheson 10 + teacher (11) L side N (43 to 48) + O (44 to 48)
Windermere 13 + teacher + coach (15) L side O (33 to 43) + P (33 to 36)
Guildford Park 12 + teacher + coach (14) L side P (37 to 48) + Q (47, 48)
Semiahmoo 13 + teacher (14) L side Q (33 to 46)
Enver Creek: 29 + teacher (30) center C,D 17 to 31
Winston Churchill 9 + 1 coach (10) L side R 33 to 42

P.S. I left a few extra seats in some rows just in case. We may have to squeeze in.
The 2 front rows are not the best seats but may be used for audience if needed.


- do not bring valuables
- no smoking on the property
- no food or drinks allowed in the theatre
- do not use make-up or hair products in the theatre
- no dancers backstage unless they are about to perform
- please enter/exit theatre in between numbers and limit excessive yelling during dances
- please leave washrooms tidy and free for spectators (not an area for hair & make-up)
- Chandos will provide a concession with limited choices. Pack a snack if needed.
- Dancers must make their own transportation arrangements to and from the event.

PARKING: When you enter the parking lot, the theatre is to the far right of the school in a separate building. Please follow the parking lot attendants if the lots get full. There may be plenty of traffic. If you are dropping off students, there is a front drive round about that you may use but please drive with care as there will be many excited students.

- Following registration and having been shown your seats, an usher will take dancers back stage the same way they will travel during competition. They will go through the back holding area, into the green room and then be called on stage.

- Back stage, the green room is quite large and will hold 2 groups. There are change rooms equipped with toilets for dancers in the hold.

- After your dance, please exit the stage using the left staircase so the next team can start as soon as possible.

- Please respect the ushers as they are volunteers. We really want to be able to return to this theatre in the future so please discuss proper behavior with your dancers.

FINALLY, we want everyone to enjoy this event. Your cooperation is much appreciated.
The talent that teachers have helped foster over the years is very evident at Outbreak. Bravo for an outstanding job!

L.Landriault (Fleetwood Park)

How to cut a T-shirt! (for block 1)



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THE URBAN ALCHEMY hosted by Kim Sato and Angela Lowndes
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Audacity - Music Editing


You can download Audacity at home by going to: (or just Google Audacity!)

1. First you need to have music to edit. Your music needs to be in MP3 format. You can e-mail yourself the music, bring a CD, or your MP3 player with the USB cords.

2. If your music is in WAV format (you can hear play it on a normal CD player) then you have to convert it to an MP3. You can do this using Windows media player. Open the file in Media Player. Go to Options and change the format to MP3. Then RIP it. Remember to name and save the file somewhere you can easily find it again!

3. Open Audacity

4. Project: Import Audio – browse to find your song. You can only import one song at a time. (You can also drag and drop)

5. Edit your song. Highlight areas to add effects or listen to that one area. You should always listen to the area before you cut it so that you know that you have the correct selection. Little pointer hands will come up to make adjustments to your highlighted area if you go near the edge of your selection. You can use the magnifying glass to make the song bigger and this will make it easier to make the perfect cut.

6. Project: New Stereo Track. This is where you can paste the parts you want to make your version of the song.

7. When you are done creating your masterpiece, delete everything except for the one that you want to save. If you don’t delete all the other songs they will save as one song all combined.. very noisy!!

8. File: Export as WAV or MP3 (If you use SAVE AS it will not work!!!)

9. Finished!

YouTube to MP3 site

Photos: WIP SHOW April 7, 2011

Sorry!! No YouTubes - the show did not get recorded as planned. Next time!!