Victoria May 31 - June 2, 2018


  • Hand in semester 2 field trip permission form signed by parents and teachers, with medical information complete. 
  • Read through the Dance Team Trip rules and expectations. Talk about these with your son / daughter. Sign and return this paper to the teacher. (A paper one was sent home Thursday, March 8, 2018) 
  • Pay the final payment on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 or sooner. Please make cheque out to Frank Hurt Secondary school and put the student number on it or have exact change. This is much appreciated. Thank-you! The amount your child owes is on the spreadsheet below. 
  • $175 cost of trip includes: Bus to the ferry, ferry, hotel for two nights, Elements dance competition, school bus in Victoria, Harbour Dance show permits, Vibe Dance class, Spaghetti Factory dinner on Friday night. 
  • Please bring money or food for breakfast on Friday and Saturday, lunch on Thursday and Friday, and dinner on Thursday. 
  • Some students also like to do some shopping - so do some chores and save some money for your trip. 

Itinerary *Updated May 25* 

*Please note that we will be dropping luggage off at the hotel before we go to the competition. That means that you need two bags. You need a competition bag with everything that you need for the evening that is smaller. All the rest of your belongings will be in a second bag that we drop off at the hotel. There will be one room to lock all of your bags in. 

Final Payment Date: May 9, 2018 



Trip Rules:
All Frank Hurt / Queen Elizabeth / North Surrey Secondary school rules apply.
All British Columbia laws apply. Ex. No shoplifting
Must abide by all hotel and transportation rules. Ex. Quiet times in the hotel 10pm - 7am.
There should be no girls in the boys’ rooms and no boys in the girls’ rooms at any time.
At light’s out everyone must be in their own room and stay there until morning.
Alcohol, drugs, smoking, and vaping are prohibited for everyone on the trip.
Bags will be checked before we get on the bus.
All visits from family and friends must be cleared with Ms. J. If you have a friend that lives where we are going and you would like to meet them - please talk about this with your parents before we leave and have your parents contact me (email, phone, note) so I know this is acceptable.
Ms. J must know where you are at all times. For this reason, you must sign out and sign in with Ms. J.
Students must use the buddy system when we have free time. No one should be off on their own. Each small group must have at least one phone with Ms. J’s phone number in case of emergency. (604-716-7344)
Students must watch the time and make sure they return to the set meeting point on time. If you are going to be late you must text or call Ms. J / Ms. Bryson / Ms. Henderson and tell her why and when she can expect you back.
Must have a teacher supervising when swimming.
If any rule is broken by a student, they will be sent home at their parents’ expense and dealt with by the administration at school. If it is a serious issue, all dance teams will be cancelled for the rest of the year and future dance team trips are in jeopardy.
I ______________________ have read and discussed the rules with my parents / guardians. I understand all the rules and agree to abide by them. My parents are aware of the monetary and disciplinary consequences of my breaking the rules.
Student signature: ___________________________________________________
Parent signature: _________________________________________________

Elements Show Order DRAFT 

Thursday, March 15: Bhangra604