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Dance Team Parent Meeting 2009/2010 - FHDANCE #1

Parents, Guardians, and dance team members,

Once you have watched the meeting, please give the answers to the following in the comment box.

1. Name of dancer:
2. I agree to abide by the dance team contract: agree or disagree
3. Parent or guardian name:
4. I agree to the terms of the dance team contract: agree or disagree

By leaving a comment you are accepting the contract.

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for FHDANCE #2

Salsa Dancing!!! Thanks Ms. Charania!!

Dance Team Application, Contact and Health Information

Please e-mail the following information to Ms. J at before your audition. I will announce the new teams for 2009/ 2010 at the June show on the 11th! There will be late auditions in September for new students :)

Frank Hurt Dance Team Application Form 2009 – 2010

Please e-mail ( this application to Ms. Johnson by: Friday, June 13, 2008
If you are chosen to be on one of the dance teams – the contract will have to be signed and fees will have to be paid by Sept. 15, 2008 at the first meeting.

Early Auditions for the dance team are: Wednesday, June 18, 2008: 10 - 12

Full name and grade:

1. Circle which dance team(s) you are auditioning for: (8-12 can audition for senior teams.)
a) Sr. Hip Hop b) Sr. Open (jazz and modern) c) Jr. Hip Hop d) Sr. Breakdance e) Jr. Breakdance

2. If you are grade 8-10 and you are not chosen for the senior team – will you accept a place on the junior team?

3. Have you ever been on Frank Hurt Dance team before?

4. IF you have bee…

Dance Team Coach Applcation

Frank Hurt Dance Team Coach Application

Please complete and e-mail back to Ms. Johnson at by: June 2, 2009

1. Why do you want to be a dance team coach?
2. Explain your years of dance experience.
3. Have you done any coaching before?
4. What would your strategy be to motivate your team?
5. Describe how you imagine a normal practice.
6. How many practices would you have a week?
7. If you are working with another student coach – how would you like to organise your time? How would you communicate your ideas with your partner?
8. How do you see Ms. Johnson’s role in your coaching?
9. What type of fundraising could you do with you team?
10. Is there anything else you would like Ms. Johnson to know about you, how you would run a dance team, and why you would be the best candidate for this job.
11. If you had to pick a partner to work with – who would you choose?

Dance Team Auditions!!!

Dance Team Auditions for 2009/2010
Sr. Dance Team: Monday, June 8 : 3-4:30
Open Team: Tuesday, June 9 : 3-4:30
BBoy Team: Wednesday, June 10 : 3-4:30
Jr. Dance Team: Thursday, June 4: 3-4:30

Be prepared to learn a short piece of choreography and you may be asked to freestyle. Please come early to sign in and warm-up. Dance Teams will be announced at the June 11 dance show and if you can't make it to the show - a list will be posted on Friday June 12. There will be a late auditions for new students in September.