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Works in Progress Dress Rehearsal April 2 and Show April 3 - Costumes

Works in Progress Show April 3, 2014 Costumes
Block 2: Dance 11/12
Monica’s Rihanna Dance -Black t-shirts that Monica is going to spray paint with a stencil (provided by the school) -Black banadanas (Monica is going to pick these up) -Black pants / leggings – nothing see through in the lights -Hair: ponytail – all slicked -Make-up: Stage make-up
Sewit’s Choreo -Bright pink (not neon) accents piece -All black everything – no see through leggings (sheer tights – bright lights!) -Hair: high pony tail – all slicked back -Make-up: Stage make-up

Block 3: Dance 8
Cheesey Movie Dance Paranorman Helen ·Brown shirt with pillow ·Wrist sweat band ·Brown Shorts
Napoleon Dynamite Charlene ·Vote for Pedro shirt ·Glasses ·Moon Boots or whatever boots you have
13 Going on 30 Andrea ·Bright coloured dress ·High heels

Photos: The Last Day Before Spring Break Photo Fun!