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First Notice Home: Semester 2

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Dance is a performance art so performing is a large part of a dance student’s education. Dance students are marked on their preparation as well as their behaviour and skills demonstrated at these performances and at the dress rehearsal. Students will have the opportunity to perform informally in front of their peers and formally at assemblies, festivals and competitions. Notices of reminder and permission forms will be sent home when these events come closer.

The following performance and rehearsal dates are for shows at Frank Hurt Theatre. These performances are integral to the dance program. Please make note of these dates and help ensure that your child is in attendance. If there are any conflicts please inform your child’s teacher immediately.

This semester the dance department will be presenting two sets of evening shows. Our first show will be a workshop demonstration. This is a low-key performance on April 11 at 7pm and it is meant to be viewed by fam…

Photos: Striclty Dance 2012

YouTubes: Strictly Dance 2012

Strictly Dance: Show Order and ticket info

Welcome to Notre Dame's Annual Strictly Dance Competition 2012! Attached you will find the order of performances.  If we have, inadvertently, left your school off the list, please email me back ASAP so that it may be corrected.  Please note that the order of performances may be subject to change. Doors for the dancers and coaches will open at 4:00.  Please have students bring their Go-cards.  Entry may be denied if they cannot produce valid ID.  Bags and purses may be subject to search. Doors for everyone else will open at 5:30.  There will not be any early entries allowed. Admission (cash only): Adults $10 Students (with valid student card) $8 Students (without valid student card) $10 Floor/practice times for the gym floor is on a 'first come, first served' basis.  If you would like floor time, please sign up with the DJ.  You will be given 5 minutes. Please provide the DJ with your team's CD before the competition starts. Our new main entrance is on Venables Street.  This will…

Field Trip: Bikrams Yoga Delta: March 8, 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have a field trip on Thursday, March 8, 2012 to Bikrams Yoga Delta. We will be taking taxis and my vehicle. We will be leaving the school at 1:30pm and returning at 4:30pm. The cost of this field trip is $10 for the class. Our fundraising account will cover the cost of transportation. For the X-Block Dance Team members this is a mandatory field trip. I would also like to invite students from the regular dance classes. The first 15 students who have their forms signed and their money in get to come on the trip.

This is our own private class!! If there are parents or teachers that want to join us in the yoga studio and maybe help commute us please e-mail me! What a great way to warm-up and get flexy for Spring!

Bikrams Yoga is the hot yoga. It is awesome for increasing strength and flexibility. It is comprised of two breathing exercises and twenty-six postures. It is important not to eat two hours before the class. Our class will be starting at 2:15pm …

Photos: Breakout 2012

You can see Anjali and Allison at the top!!! HI!!!

Photos: January Dance Show: Lollipop