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YouTubes: Barbie Musical and Cartoon Break - DONE!

YouTubes: The Throwdown Vol. 2 at Panorama Ridge

Black and Yellow WIP Cotumes

Black and Yellow WIP Costumes
Block 2 1. Barbie Musical Black skirt Black shorts White t-shirt Shoes – black Socks - colourful Hair: two French braids with purple ribbon Make-up: normal stage make-up
2. Adore You Black leggings Plain white t-shirt Partners have one matching costume piece (each pair has a different colour) Shoes: Black/ white shoes Hair: half up half down Make-up: Normal stage make-up with nude or pink lipstick
Block 3 1. Say Hello Dark coloured pants / shorts with leggings Black t-shirt (grade 8’s wear your grad shirt) Shoes: Dark coloured sneakers Hair: two French braids Make-up: Normal stage make-up (Kayla – apron / Jasmine – tiara)
2. Cartoon Break
Dress like your cartoon character

YouTubes: Barbie Musical & Cartoon Break - Week 2

Notice: Works in Progress Show

Dear parents and guardians,
Please be aware of the upcoming events:
Monday, November 2, 2015: 3-4pm – Works in Progress Dress Rehearsal All dance classes and teams will be rehearsing. Dress rehearsal is mandatory and for marks for dance classes. Dancers must come prepared to school with their costumes. Dancers who do not attend the dress rehearsal will not be in the show but must attend and help backstage for marks. Students in dance classes who do not make up their missed classes before dress rehearsal (Monday, November 2@12:05pm) will not be in the show but must attend to help backstage for marks.
Tuesday, November 3, 2015: 3 – 4:30pm – Works in Progress Show All dance classes and teams will be performing. Dance class students will be marked on their performances. This show is for family and friends that would like to see what we have been working on in class thus far. This is a practice show to get us used to changing quickl…

YouTubes: Barbie Musical and Cartoon Break

(Broken stereo week)

WE Day Schedule

October 20th - Arrive: 5:00 PM - Rehearsal: 5:30 - 6:30  PM - Can be depart by 6:45 PM (in case we run a little late)
October 21st - Arrive: 9:15 AM - On Stage: between 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
- Show ends: 2:30 PM (but are welcome to depart after the performance)

Field Trip: November 5, 2015 Harbour Dance and Ballet BC

Dear Parents and Guardians,
It is field trip time! I am taking 30 students to Harbour Dance Centre and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Thursday, November 5, 2015. The cost to students is $20. This includes: a dance class, a dance performance, and transportation.
This is an awesome opportunity for students to take a class from a new teacher and at a new studio. Harbour is a great place to take drop – in classes of all levels and for all ages. And, how often do you get to see a ballet performance? For some of our students, I am certain it will be their first time. Ballet BC student performances are a great way to introduce younger dancers to the theatre. They are a little bit shorter and sometimes the students get to ask the dancers questions at the end.

Our Itinerary:  *This itinerary was updated October 29th. 
9:00 amLeave Frank Hurt Secondary (School Bus) 
9:15 am                       Pick up at Queen Elizabeth Secondary 10:30 am Arrive at Harbour Dance 10:35 - 11:35              Hip Hop …

YouTubes: Adore You and Say Hello - Week 4

YouTubes: Say Hello and Adore You - Week 3