Welcome Bhangra Teams to our Frank Hurt Dance Program!

The Frank Hurt Dance program welcomes the Frank Hurt Senior Bhangra Team! 

And the Boys' Bhangra Team! 

FT: Dance Teams' Trip to Victoria, BC May 31 - June 2, 2018

Dear parents and guardians, 

I am starting to plan our dance teams' trip to Victoria, BC. To go forward with the planning of this trip I need to find out exactly how many students will be attending. Here is the information that I have so far: 

Depart: Thursday, May 31, 2018 
Return: Saturday, June 2, 2018 
Hotel: Chateau Victoria (Same as last year) 
Competition: Elements High School Dance Competition (FB Link

As usual, I plan to keep the trip cost as low as possible. It will be between $150 - $175. I would like to collect a first payment of $75 by December 15, 2017 so I can secure the hotel. The students are now selling Krispy Kremes. They can use this money towards their final payment. We will also be paying for the trip by using money from our Frank Hurt shows. 

Please make cheques payable to Frank Hurt Secondary and include a student number on the cheque or send exact change. 

Thank-you in advance, 
Paula Johnson

Photos: The Throwdown Vol. 4

Message from photographer:
Hi there!

Thank you for the opportunity to shoot at Throwdown Vol.4!

As a non-dancer, it’s always amazing to see the amount of talent there is in Surrey, from all ages. This year was no exception, and I had a blast taking photos.

I don’t like to watermark my photos, but if you’d like to share them please credit me through “Rishi Dhillon” on Facebook, or @rishi.dhillon on Instagram.

Thanks again,

Link to photos 

And here are a few I snapped: 

YouTubes: The Throwdown Vol. 4

WOW! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. This was an amazing event. Thank-you to everyone who helped put it on and to the students that participated. You made me very proud and happy. Some students were battling for their first time, which is very scary, but they did it. Now you can do anything. You have proven that you have courage and skills. For those students that have battled before, thank-you for continually making me proud. Surrey has amazing dancers. Let's keep on shining. Super congratulations to Rajan for winning first place in the senior all styles category - AGAIN! Leandra had to battle Teg twice and Rajan once - Leandra came second and Teg third. Amazing - I won't forget these battles. This goes down in history. Frank Hurt took home first, second, and third for the senior all styles. Bilaal made it to the finals for senior break. Jordan and Teg made it to top 8 for senior break. We had twenty three dancers competing. Check out their footage and give them some love if you see them in the halls.