Dance Team

Dance Teams are run as an X block after school. It is a class and you get credits for taking it. It runs year long. For more information about times and dates please check the IMPORTANT DATES page. 

Congratulations to all dancers who came out to audition. 

If you did not make it this year, please persevere and keep dancing and growing as a dancer. I hope to see you in dance class, at lunch, or at flex. Take classes outside of school, meet with other dancers at the rec centres, go see dance performances, watch YouTubes, and keep learning any way you can. You are welcome to battle at The Throwdown in November or Step into the Arena in May. You can also make small teams for Pulse in February or for our Frank Hurt Dance Shows in December and June. 

All dancers who are on the list now - we are still looking at making some changes. Please come to practice on time, listen to your coaches, practice in your free time, and try your hardest. I will meet with coaches in two weeks to discuss team members and whether we keep them as team members or move them to understudy positions. Understudies perform at all Frank Hurt shows but they only perform in competitions if a team member is ill, injured, or unable to make the date. Being an understudy is not easy as you must be able to learn all parts of the dance and jump in when needed. However, being an understudy is a great way to continue your training for next year's team. 

Dance Teams officially start next week on September 25th. Friday, September 28th from 2:55 - 3:55 is an all teams' practice and all team members are expected to be there to go over important information for the year (and play some team bonding games!) Check the IMPORTANT DATES calendar and the white board for updates.

ALSO - this year there is a Frank Hurt Dance Teams Facebook Group. If you don't have an account already, please check with your parents and make a Facebook account so you can get important updates about dance team practices and events.


Coaches: Brian, Jordan, Josh, Devin

Steven Lam 
Gurvir Gill 
Matthew Taron 
Charie Padua 
Jatinder Singher
RJ Hipolito
Drake Javier
Aeron Malabanan
Duke Dumlao
Anna Nguyen
Carlos Romo
Jai Charasia
Anthony Castaneto
Briendel Singh
Tegvaran Sooch
Kevin Le 
Vir Charasia
Adam Singh
Diego Lepe


coaches: Tam, Charlene, Lil'Kim

Serena Kallon
Jadorrah Singh
Donna Tran 
Mica Soriano
Trizia Arlan
Lily Trinh
Hosna Shendandi
Regine Matalang
Trisha Ojijo
Leandra Milfrise
Katrina Diamitas
Anna Nguyen 
Kim O'Brien


Coaches: Anjali, Raman, Taniya 

Teesha Singh
Arshpreet Khurana 
Kiranpreet Singh
Ravneet Grewal
Simranjit Virk
Inder Virk
Mannat Kaur
Harleen Dhillon
Kiran Randhawa 
Simi Grewal 
Gurneet Multani
Gurman Bhuttar
Daman Jawandha
Suk Ghuman


Coaches: Saron, Charlene, Leandra, Janine

Prabhakum Gill 
Sandra Felipe
Nathan Espiritu
Moses Evero
Gemariah Corpuz
Gursimran Lehl
Marcine Catu
Jeth Torres
Andy Ngo
Diya Khangura
Kelly Tran 
Elaine Nava
Stephanie Basug
Megan Stangret
Mhyko Opilla
Danielle Ojijo
Doan Truong
Neetika Thapa
Emily Artemis 
Manelle Ramos
Lexie Mutuc
Kimberly O'Brien
Themoor Rahimi
Michell Josan
Rhea Chand
Nina Bernabe