YouTubes: Bang Bang Show on December 18, 2014

Thank-you Calvin for recording the show and dealing with my technical difficulties!!

Costumes for December 15th and 18th

Bang Bang Costumes

Block 3

T-shirts – at the school
Black pants – at school
Andre: bandana and sun glasses
Big Boi: leather jacket
Caroline: leggings, pink scarf
Fancy boy; cartigan
Shoes: sneakers
Hair: Low pony
Make-up: Normal stage make-up with red lipstick

American Boy
T-shirts (at school)
Yellow dance team jackets (at school) Black t-shirt
Black sweat pants or as close as you have.
Shoes: sneakers
Hair: high pony tail
Make –up: Normal stage make –up

Block 4

Blue, pink, black, and white “studio” clothes
White towel
Shoes: Matching outfit – sneakers
Hair: match your outfit – out of face
Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Black leggings
Black tank top
Maybe another shirt over top
Bare feet
Hair: pulled back in a bun with red scrunchie?
Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Break Team
Check with your coaches
Junior Team
Check with your coaches
Senior Team
Check with your coaches