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Field Trip: The Dance Centre OCTOBER 11, 2017

Semester one we have a field trip to The Dance Centre in Vancouver on Wednesday, October 11th 9 – 10am Bus to Emery Barnes Park 10 – 10:45 Vancouver Dance Film Project 10:45 – 11:45 Lunch 12 – 2pm Movement and Technology workshops with St├ęphanie Cyr  2 – 3pm Bus back to Frank Hurt
Workshop Structure
Students will be guided through a warm-up to help prepare their minds, bodies and spatial awareness followed by tasks to connect their imagination to movement invention. The second half of the workshop will consist of using motion sensor technology to empower their creativity and to incorporate what was learned in the first half of the workshop.
The cost to students is $15. This includes a dance class and transportation by school bus. Students will need to bring a lunch or money to purchase a lunch. (sushi, Starbucks, pizza, Tim Horton’s, and Subway are all close by.)

YouTube: Ball Challenge: Ball / No Ball

YouTube: Write your Name - First Day of Semester One

Dance 2017 - 2018 Handbook

Back to School Boogie is August 29th

Hey dancers! Does summer have you feeling a little upside down? Not feeling ready for school? Let's bring in the new school year of dance with a fun dance day. This is open to all Surrey School District dancers. Come and have some fun with us. 

Here is our plan: 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

10 - 11am Tech / Stretching class by our Open Team coaches Jamie and Chelsea
11:15 - 12:15 Hip Hop Choreo with Junior Hip Hop coach Janine
12:30 - 1:30 Seven to Smoke with the Break Team

Frank Hurt Dance Team 2017 - 2018 Auditions

Are you passionate about dance? Do you like to move? Do you like music? Do you like making new friends? Then you should join one of our Frank Hurt Dance teams. Auditions will take place over two weeks. The first week will be an open class where you will learn some choreography. Then, you are encouraged to practice the choreography with your friends in the dance room at lunch. The next week, we will review the choreography and hold the audition. An audition will consist of choreography and short freestyle where you are encouraged to be yourself and show your skills. If you are scared, come anyways - because that means you will feel super, extra proud of yourself afterwards.

Here is the information:
Tuesday, September 12 2:50 - 4pm - Break Team Pre-Audition Open Class
Wednesday, September 13 2:50 - 4pm Hip Hop Teams Pre-Audition Open Class
Thursday, September 14 2:50 - 4pm Open Team Pre-Audition Open Class

Tuesday, September 19 2:50 - 4pm - Break Team Audition
Wednesday, Sep…

YouTubes: Recreate a Scene from a Dance Movie or YouTube

YouTubes: June Show 2017

Thank-you Gurvir for filming!!!

Photos: June Show 2017: Thank-you LINA!!!!

Lina!!! This is AWESOME!!! THANK-YOU for taking such amazing pictures!!!!!