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Important Dates Update

Harbour Dance Field Trip: March 24, 2010: 11:15 – 5pm

Works in Progress Dress Rehearsal: Apr. 7, 2010: 3-4pm

Works in Progress Show: Apr.8, 2010: 5:45-8pm - students/ 6:45 - 8pm family members only. By donation at the door. I will be greeting parents at the door. This performance is for family members only so we can show you what we have been working on in a safe learning environment.

Dance Festival at the Bell Centre: Apr.8, 2010: 10:30 – 1:00 Dance classes only. Free for audience members.

Driven Dance competition in Kelowna: Apr. 17 and 18, 2010. All dance teams will be performing. More information TBA.

Outbreak Dance Competition at the Chandos Pattison Auditorium ( April 24, 2010: 10-4pm - students will have to arrive earlier: TBA.

Yoga Field Trip: TBA

Semester 2 Dance Show Dress Rehearsal: June 4, 2010: 3-5pm

Dance Show: June 10, 2010: 5:45-8:45 - students/ 6:45-8:45 - a…

Dance Burn Out - Am I teaching you the right thing?

I wanted to teach you all to be dedicated to dance. I can see now that a lot of you .. including myself ... are burning out. I know that I have bitten off more than I can chew this year. I knew it when I planned this crazy schedule but I couldn't say no.

What I want to teach you is to love dance, to enjoy life, to be strong, and committed, but also to take care of yourselves. I want you to have balance. I want you to be good well rounded people.

So, if I am leading by example, I am teaching you how to do too much. I need to take care of myself. I need to have a life - and I mean sleep. You need this too.

SO!!!!!!!! When I went for my run yesterday - 14.5km - I know.. I am crazy... and I did that right after I did a 1.5 hour hot yoga class... I know.. which I was trying to make-up for all the classes and runs I have missed because of field trips, dance parties... practices... I then decided to cook - and ate it and puked it all up.. why? Because I am trying to do it all... and I…

Junior Dance Team - Let's talk about it anonymously...

Hey! I know there is something going on.. let's try to fix it and bring it in the last two competitions. I want you to want to be there and I want you to try hard and have fun!! What can I do to make your experience better? What can your coaches do? What can you do? What should we all stop doing??? You can leave anonymous comments on this blog and we can talk about it next practice. Please do not use your name or the names of others. Please try to pinpoint the ideas as opposed to causing more drama.. you know what I mean right???

OK!! This is for the betterment of the team! Let's make this work.. we got Kelowna ahead of us, Outbreak, and next year!!! We are the future... well you are... hahaha!!

Thanks for participating in advance. Every person should have a voice and power!!

Outbreak Information #1




10238 168 Street Surrey, BC


Dancer registration should begin around 9:30 am (depends on number of entries).
Timed rehearsal on stage should begin at 10:00 am and must end at 12:20pm.
Each school will get their own registration time. Schedule will be sent later.


ADVANCE TICKETS ARE $10.00 (should be available in early March until April 21st)
TICKETS AT THE DOOR: $15.00 (unless all tickets sold during advance ticket sales)

PLEASE E-MAIL OR PHONE: Shirley Clements
Telephone: 604 581-4433

”NEW” TO REGISTER, PLEASE SEND PAYMENT (with copy of registration form)

Harbour Dance Field Trip

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Each semester I take 23 students to dance at Harbour Dance Centre downtown Vancouver. This is an awesome opportunity for dancers to learn new styles and choreography from new teachers. The cost to students is $25: $10/ class and $5 towards transportation.

This field trip takes place on Wednesday, March 24, 2010.. We leave Frank Hurt on a school bus at 11:20am and we return on a school bus at 5pm. We will have an hour to eat after we dance. Please bring money for food. There are many choices: pizza, sushi, McDonalds, Burger King, pitas. Please bring comfortable clothes to dance in and water.

All students from dance classes and teams are invited on this field trip. The first 23 students who get their parent/ teacher permission forms and money in will be the 23 students I take on the trip.

Happy Dancing!
Paula Johnson

We will probably have these classes: (Teachers are yet to be confirmed)
1:00 – 2:00 Krump

BC Hydro Power Smart Stage Field Trip

Power Smart Stage

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Frank Hurt Dance has been invited to the Power Smart Stage to dance. They will be having competitions like So You Think you Can Dance and the Fastest Feet. The energy that we create dancing actually lights up the floor and the more energy we create the more lights! The cost to students is $8 to help pay for transportation fees.

This field trip takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010. We leave Frank Hurt on a school bus at 1:15pm and we return on a school bus at 7pm. We will have time to eat and there are many different kinds of food in the area. Please bring either money for food or pack your own nourishment. Please bring comfortable clothes to dance in and water.

All students from dance classes and teams are invited on this field trip. The first 46 students who get their parent/ teacher permission forms and money in will be the 46 students I take on the trip.

Happy Dancing!
Paula Johnson

Block G - Grade 10 YouTube Terminlogy Assignment

YouTube Terminology Assignment 1. Choose three terms from the magic box!! 2. Learn what they are by reading the definition and looking them up online if you have any questions after that please ask Ms. J. 3. Your YouTube should include: The term, a definition of the term, an explanation on how to perform the move, and one or more examples of the term. 4. You may make your own video or if you are good with the computer you can download examples from YouTube and use other people's YouTubes in your own! 5. You can either have three separate videos or combine them into one longer video. 6. Due Dates: Term 1: Friday, March 5,2010
Term 2: Thursday, April 1, 2010
Term 3: Friday, May 14, 2010
3 Terms in 1 Video: Friday, May 14, 2010

Here is an example of a finished project!!!

Don't know how to make a YouTube? This YouTube will teach you how to make a YouTube!

You could use a video like this as a clip in your own video - you would have to add the name of the term, the definition and e…


Click here to see map to RC PALMER

School District No 36 (Surrey) 13940 77 Avenue Surrey, BC V3W 5Z4 (604) 590-1311 1.Head west on 77 Ave toward 138 St0.2 km 2.Turn left at 138 St0.3 km 3.Sharp right at 76 Ave0.4 km 4.Turn left at King George Hwy0.8 km 5.Turn right at 72 Ave6.0 km 6.Take the ramp onto Hwy 91 N/BC-91 N16.8 km 7.Continue onto Alderbridge Way0.8 km 8.Turn left at NO. 4 Rd2.4 km 9.Turn right at Blundell Rd1.2 km 10.Turn left at St Albans Rd
Destination will be on the left 0.2 km School Board Richmond 8160 Saint Albans Road Richmond, BC V6Y 2K9

Meet there at 4pm

I will have the 12 tickets for those who ordered them when I get them from the teacher.. so see me when we get there :)

Wear your yellow hoodies!!

Bring cash for the concession.

Umm... Get a good nights rest and eat healthy ... and I will see you tomorrow!! YAY!!

Footloose Information: Practice and Photo Schedule - MEET THERE AT 4pm


Attached is the updated version of the private practice and photo studio schedule.

Reminder to e-mail your team(s) mix to: [ ] by February 4th (the sooner the better...since we need to organize the files....thank you to those schools who already have!). *We are trying to reduce our global footprint.

The competition will be held in our gym.  So when you are turning into the Palmer parking lot, stay to your right and go straight to the back of the school (you can park anywhere in the back).  The main doors to the gym is where competitor registration will be held.  There will be teachers there to assist you.  Please do not show up earlier than 3:20pm, as we will be setting up the school for the competition.  Also, to make the sign in process go faster and easier, we request that you sign in when all your members are present and if the Sponsor Teacher could be the one in the front.

See you in a few days!




First Notice Home Semester 2

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Dance is a performance art so performing is a large part of a dance student’s education. Dance students are marked on their preparation as well as their behaviour and skills demonstrated at these performances and at the dress rehearsal. Students will have the opportunity to perform informally in front of their peers and formally at assemblies, festivals and competitions. Notices of reminder and permission forms will be sent home when these events come closer.

The following performance and rehearsal dates are for shows at Frank Hurt Theatre. These performances are integral to the dance program. Please make note of these dates and help ensure that your child is in attendance. If there are any conflicts please inform your child’s teacher immediately.

This semester the dance department will be presenting two sets of evening shows. Our first show will be a workshop demonstration. This is a low-key performance on April 8 at 7pm and it is meant to be viewed by famil…