Notice: Breakout Volunteers

Dear parents and guardians or Breakout Student Volunteers,

Breakout student volunteers will be receiving a Breakout t-shirt and volunteer hours for helping out with the competition. If you are a Frank Hurt volunteer who is helping with registration you must arrive at Chandos at 9am. All other volunteers must register with the Frank Hurt Dancers at 9:53am.

Breakout Dance Competition
When: Saturday, April 25, 2015 
Doors open at 11:30am Show starts at 12:00pm and ends at 5:00pm
Registration time for Frank Hurt: 10:03 – please arrive ten minutes early – 9:53am.
Where: Chandos Pattison Auditorium at Pacific Academy
10238 168th street, Surrey
Who: ALL dance classes and teams will be competing as well as, some Frank Hurt volunteers to help run the show.
Tickets: $10 in advance from Ms. Johnson or $15 at the door. (There is plenty of seating for this theatre and there will be plenty of tickets for sale at the door. Please bring all your family and friends to support and cheer on Frank Hurt Dancers and of course everyone else!)
Breakout Bus: $2 tickets available in advance from Ms. Johnson – this is a school bus that will drive students back to Guilford or Newton Exchange. It will start at 5:00pm.

1. Julie Nguyen (FH)
5. Jennah Wahab (SH)
2. Nhuy Tran (FH)
6. Janelle Cruz (SH)
3. Leandra Milfrese (FH)
7. Neera Gill (SH)
4. Save Ahime (FH)
8. Shweta Sehijpaul(SH)
Bring students from theatre to green room:
1. Jessica Park (FH)
3. Priyanka Samy (FH)
2. Jaime McKinley (FH)

Front of House
1. Lily Trinh (FH)
5. Sukhleen Bacchra (SH)
2. Trizia Arlan (FH)
6. Parys Wynd (SH)
3. Hanna Martinez (FH)
7. (SH)
4. Ardeline Feria (FH)
8. (SH)
Green Room
Live Wall / Power Point
1. Jessica Dang (FH)

Thank-you for volunteering for this event!

Paula Johnson
Dance 8-12