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YouTube: Wanyae's Cipher Vid

Thank-you for the PARTY!


YouTubes: Princess Monica, The Sophmore

Works in Progress Dress Rehearsal and Show Notice

Dear parents and guardians,
Please be aware of the upcoming events:  
Tuesday, November 13, 2012: 3-4pm – Works in Progress Dress Rehearsal All dance classes and teams will be rehearsing. Dress rehearsal is mandatory and for marks for dance classes. Dancers must come prepared to school with their costumes. Dancers who do not attend the dress rehearsal will not be in the show. Students in dance classes who do not make up their missed classes before dress rehearsal (Tuesday, November 13@12pm) will not be in the show.
Thursday, November 15, 2012: 5:45 – 8:00pm – Works in Progress Show All dance classes and teams will be performing. Dance class students will be marked on their performances. This show is for family members only. Doors open for the audience at 6:45 and the show starts at 7. I will be greeting families at the door – so I can get to know you! Donations will be accepted at the door – to go towards costumes and competitions.

YouTubes: The Sophmore, Battles, and Princess Monica!

Works in Progress Show Costumes

Works in Progress Show Costumes Block 2: Dance 9 Sail - Dark jeans rolled up like you are waiting for a flood
- White t-shirt
- Any colour hoodie – not black or white
- Bare feet
- Hair: right side – braided back – left side hangs
- Make-Up: Stage make-up

Simonne’s Dance: Dance - Black leggings
- White v neck t-shirt – or white t-shirt
- Plaid shirt tied at waist
- Clean sneakers
- Hair: high pony tail
- Make-Up: Stage make-up
Andrea’s Dance: - Black leggings
- Light blue tops ? Checking costume room
- Bare feet
- Hair: Sock bun
- Make-Up: Stage make-up
Block 3: Dance Boys 8-12
Savage’s Dance: - Black Dickies – we have these in the costume room
- Grey Killa Beez T-shirts –we have these in the costume room
- Red beanies – we have these in the costume room
- Shoes: CLEAN
- Hair: Fresh and clean
Block 4: Dance 8
Melissa’s Dance: Get Down - Yellow Grade 8 shirts elastic to the right
- Black leggings
- Shoes: Clean sneakers
- Hair: high pony
- Make-Up: Stage make-up

YouTube: Block 2: Simonne's Dance

YouTube: Must Watch!!

What are your favourite dance YouTubes? I want to watch them!!

YouTube: Sail Week 2

Dance Team Class Harbour Trip

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I would like to start a monthly visit to Harbour Dance Centre with the Dance Team block. Taking classes with new teachers is a great way for a dance student to grow and it is fun to take classes with different dancers. It is also easier to go to Harbour if you have some of your friends with you. I am going to start this for October but it will be up to Ms. Henderson, (my replacement for maternity leave) whether or not she continues with it.
Money wise the Frank Hurt Dance fund raising account will cover the cost of the classes until we run out. The students will have to cover the cost of their transportation.
Students must also organize their own transportation to Harbour Dance Centre. They can go together on Trankslink or perhaps a parent or guardian would be able to volunteer to drive them to Vancouver and back. Please make sure you talk to your son or daughter and find out how they will be getting to and from Harbour Dance Centre. I will not be traveling…

YouTube: Block 4 Get Down - Facial Expressions


X Block Dance Teams

Junior Dance Team 2012 - 2013 Lucas
Nicole - see Ms. J
Drala - see Ms. J
Aide - see Ms. J

Senior Dance Team 2012 - 2013 Seth
Michelle H.
Jenny K.
Mariah - see Ms. J
Jennifer Hoang - see Ms. J
Laura - see Ms. J
Nadlene - see Ms. J

YouTube: Block 4 Get Down Tutorial - by Melissa!

Frank Hurt Sweat Pants and Hoodies FOR SALE NOW!

When: Starting Monday, September 17, 2012 before school, at lunch, and after school.  Last day to order: Friday, September 28, 2012.  Where: Dance Office from Ms. J How much: Sweat pants and a hoodie for $60 or one for $35 - please bring a cheque made out to Frank Hurt Secondary with your student number on it or exact change. 
For more information check here.

YouTubes: Blackin' Out Week 2

Junior and Senior Dance Team CALL BACKS

We have not yet finished choosing the teams. The first class is a call back audition. Please come to the first class and continue to demonstrate your best dance skills. We will have the final dance team roster posted on the blog on Wednesday evening and on the dance room door on Thursday. Thursday only dancers on the final dance team rosters should attend.

Tuesday 2:50 – 4:20 Senior Team

Wednesday 2:50-4:20 Junior Team

Thursday 2:50 – 4:20 Junior and Senior Teams

Junior Dance Team 2012 – 2013 – Call back audition
Coaches: Mariah, Latisha, and Calvin
1. Lucas 9

2. Jesse Rogal 10

3. Nicole Espiritu 10

4. Jessica Park 10

5. Darla 9

6. Priyanka Sammy 10

7. MaryJo Whelan 9

8. Jermie Estrada 9

9. Segan Yemane 9

10. Kim Tran 9

11. Aide Idemudia 9

12. Diana Larios 9

13. Kuljinder Johal 8

14. Mark Felipe 9

15. Kevin Allaraj 9

16. Simran Gulati 10

17. Jessica Felix 10

18. Jessica Okocigano 8

19. Johnna Doniquez 8

20. Yancy Torralba 8

21. Tryel 8

22. Angelica Baniqued 8

23. Mo…

YouTubes: Blackin' Out

YouTube: Learn Halos with Matt

YouTube: 2 Footed Swipe with Kenny

YouTube: Learn Footwork from Jax!

Costume Hair Idea: Sock Bun!

Sock Bun

Thanks to my BF Carrie for sharing this idea with me :-)

Yellow Frank Hurt Dance Hoodies and Sweat Pants - What do you think?

Because I am only at school for the first two and a half months I want to get all the sweat pants and hoodies ordered as soon as possible so we can have them before I am gone. If you are not in dance class first semester make sure you are watching the blog, Facebook, and listening to the announcements to hear when we are ordering. I wouldn't want you to miss out!! We should be ordering by the end of September. I will have prices for you in September. We are doing yellow hoodies and black sweatpants. 
 This top print will be on the back of the hoodie as large as they can make it below the hood.  On the sweat pants this print will be on the front of the left leg of the sweat pants but it will be a bit smaller to fit the leg. 
If you are on dance team you will have this printed down the right arm of your hoodie - dance above the elbow and team below.

YouTubes: D-Sisive Boys and Girls!

Photos: Caught Up - June Show 2012

YouTubes: Caught Up

June Show Costumes

June Show Costumes

Block 1


Jazmein - Lady Gaga costume (Lana is bringing it in)

Black leggings

White top - any kind of top - no writing

Black and white shoes

black socks

Hair: twist front/ down and curly

Make-up: normal stage make-up


Black leggings

Black tank or cut black shirt (no writing)

Bright coloured sports bra or bandeau (pinned)

Black high tops

Hair: twist front/ down and curly

Make-up: normal stage make-up

other group:

Black jogging pants (no writing)

Black t-shirt (no writing)


Black shorts

Purple tank or t-shirt

Bare feet

Hair: Bangs pulled off face

Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Group Choreo

Design your own costumes in your groups.

Block 4

Lunch Break

Black Dickies pants -provided by the school - bring a belt!

Blue Plaid shirts - provided by the school

Black sneakers (or darkest ones you have)

It’s Battle Time

Red or black hoodie/ top (bring both if you can)

Blue jeans

Black sneakers (or the darkest ones you have)

Group Choreo

Design your own costumes…

June Show Order

Frank Hurt arrtive at 5:30
Queen Elizabeth arrive at 6:00
Tickets go for sale at 6:30 - $5
Flower boquets for sale at 6:30 - $5
50/50 Draw for sale at 6:30 - $2 for 3 / $5 for an arm's length
Doors open at 6:45
Show starts at 7:00

June Show Order
1. X Block: Swim Good choreographed by Andrew

2. Block 1: Student Choreography project: Danielle

3. Block 1: Teeth choreographed by Danielle

4. X Block : Latisha and Shilpa

5. Block 4: Lunch Break

6. X Block : Monica, Mariah, Jen

7. Block 1: Student Choreography project: Andrea

8. Block 1: Perfect choreographed by Andrea

9. X Block: Seth and Calvin

10. Queen Elizabeth Junior Team

11. Block 1: Student Choreography project: Jessie

12. Block 1: YOLO choreographed by Jessie

13. Block 4: Student Choreography project: Matt

14. Block 4: It’s Battle Time

15. Queen Elizabeth Senior Team

16. X Block: Michelle H, Michelle F, Elaine, Jessie, April, Rheann

17. Block 1: Group Choreographies: Theme: Drake, The Weekend, Chris Brown

18. Block 4: Group C…

X Block Practice Change!

There is no X block on Thursday, May 31. (I have to go to the dance teachers' meeting - it was moved from Friday) SO, our X block will be WEDNESDAY, May 30, 2:50-4:20. It is the last one before our Dress Rehearsal and Elementary show... so be there!

YouTube: Block 1 Perfect ... DONE!

YouTube: Block 1 Perfect by Andrea!!

Photos: Bikrams 2012

YouTube: Matt's Choreography: It's Battle Time is FINISHED!!

Photos: Bell and Outbreak