Surrey Secondary Dance Festival: January 17, 2018

When: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 8:45 - 11:45am 

Where: Bell Centre 
Who: Block A Break Class / Block D Contemporary / Hip Hop / Choreography Class
Missing blocks: CD Lunch

  • You will be performing your Breakout dances: Frank Hurt Mafia, Dollhouse, and Family Guy. 
  • Make sure to bring your costumes. 
  • Please pack a lunch and snacks. You will not have time to purchase your lunch in the cafeteria today. 
  • Meet in the dance room at the start of the day. 
  • Water only in the Bell Theatre. You cannot eat in the theatre. 
  • Please use the washroom before we leave. I must escort you to the washroom if you have to go at the Bell Centre. I will make one trip before it starts. Hopefully, that will do it! If not, please let me know, and either myself or another chaperone will escort you. Do not just go on your own. 
  • Please also be kind to the volunteer ushers. 

Breakout Dance Competition: January 20, 2018

Who: Junior Hip Hop Team, Senior Hip Hop Team. Break Team, Senior Bhangra Girls


Hosted By: The Surrey Secondary Dance Teacher’s Association along with
Queen Elizabeth Secondary School
Date: Saturday January 20th 2018
Location: Queen Elizabeth Secondary School 9457 King George Blvd. Surrey
Time: Doors open to public at 11:30am / Competition begins at 12:00pm       
Registration: Dancer registration for Frank Hurt is 10:30 am. Meet at QE at 10:15 with your Go Card. 
                  ** There will be no practice times on the stage**

Tickets: $10. Tickets will be available pre-sale through the dance teachers. We always SELL OUT. Remind students to buy their tickets in advance. Teachers please bring your ticket money & leftover tickets to QE on competition day in a sealed envelope with your school name, tickets sold, and money amount. If there are unsold tickets, they will be sold at the door for $15

Registration Payment
Please send payment by mail or courier to:
Surrey Secondary (SD36) Dance Teachers’ Association
Kwantlen Park Secondary c/o Darcey Flather
10441 132 St, Surrey, BC V3T 3V3

Registration Information:
$125 for first entry in any category
If you have more than one entry in a single category (class or team), the fee is $100
All Fees are due by Dec. 9th 2016. No refunds after December 16th, 2016.

Beginner Class       Intermediate Class       Advanced Class            Open Team (jr or sr)
                                                 Any style other than                             
                                                 Hip Hop or Bhangra

Break Team          Bhangra/Bollywood Team    Jr Hip Hop Team             Sr Hip Hop Team
All grades            All grades                8’s, 9’s & 10’s             10’s, 11’s & 12’s

Juniors may dance on a senior team, but seniors cannot dance on a junior team.
Teams must have a minimum of 10 dancers. Teams of 5-9 should enter the Small Teams competition. Classes need a minimum of 15 dancers.
Maximum 2 entries per category. Maximum of 7 entries per school

  • We need a school roster in alpha order of all your members and coaches for the registration desk. You are allowed one teacher and two coaches per school. Please total the number of students you will bring to the event at the bottom.
  • We need a # total of how many dancers you have in EACH CATEGORY. This number is used to determine how many ribbons are needed for awards. Please write this on the bottom of your alpha roster.
(ex. Senior Hip Hop: 22)
Please update your roster on the registration spreadsheet (link below):

  • There will be NO in and out privileges due to security and safety concerns. Please make dancers aware that they need to bring food and/or purchase food from our concession: CASH ONLY
  • Dancers will be held in the small gym as well as allowed to watch in the large gym. They need to sit on the floor on the sides of the stage in the large gym. Dancers should not be sitting in with the audience.
  • Please remind your kids that there can be NO HAIRSPRAY OR HOT IRONS ON THE GYM FLOORS.
  • DANCERS MUST COME TO THE COMPETITION READY WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP, only dancers in multiple dances with varying hair and makeup may occupy the bathroom getting ready. Dancers are sharing the bathrooms with the audience, so please help keep them clean.

1. Competition Etiquette and Expectations:  All teachers, students and parents will hold the art of dance in the highest regard.  There will be no derogatory statements concerning another school or fellow dancer at any time.  Students of all ages, sizes, race gender and ability deserve the right to perform and experience the joy of dance.  We hold a no negativity rule and it is strictly enforced.  Anyone showing non-compliance to this rule be asked to leave the event and may disqualify the school.
2. Teachers or coaches are not permitted to question judges about their scoring.  If you have a miscalculation go speak directly to Darcey Meixner or Amanda Okrainetz, so the error can by adjusted as soon as possible. Any other complaints must be made in writing to the Surrey Secondary Dance Teachers’ association.
3. All numbers must have appropriate content for family viewing. Swearing or vulgar language will result in disqualification.
4. Substances that alter the condition of the stage, (i.e.  confetti, water, glass props) are not permitted in any category.  No boots or shoes than would mark the gym floor. (runners and bare feet only)
5.  All dancers must be from the same school, with the exception of break dance crews.
6.  All dance teams must have a minimum of 9 dancers. All classes must have a minimum of 15 dancers.
7. Junior dancers may dance with seniors, but seniors cannot dance in a junior division.  
8. All dance team and class music must be no longer than 3 minutes, no shorter than 2 minutes
9. Music must be edited for all profanities and distasteful lyrics.  (Severe deductions)
10. Music must be brought on a memory stick to the D.J. at the time of registration. Coaches can bring an extra copy of their songs on a C.D. for back up.   
11. All competitors must act with respect and co-operate with all students and officials of the show.
12. Costumes must be appropriate for every dancer.  Costumes that show too much cleavage, thongs, or boy’s underwear will be deducted.
13. Remember this is a family show so moves should be respectful of the audience.  Judges may deduct for rude gestures or bad taste.
14. Open category is any type of dance except hip-hop.

There will be ribbons given out to 6th place in categories for teams.  Teams will receive keeper rosettes from 1-6th for their trophy case and the winning teams will take the permanent trophies home for one year and have their school name added to the trophy.  These trophies will be returned for next event, 2018. Class are being judged differently this year to follow the new curriculum focus on progress. Classes will be judged solely on their dance, not in comparison to other schools. Classes may win a Gold (100-95), Silver (94-85), or Bronze (84-70). They will receive individual ribbons, but rosettes for classes will be sent in the mail after the competition.
Please pick up your score sheets at the end of the competition.

Best Student Choreography Award
If any of your numbers are choreographed entirely by a student or students attending your school please indicate this on the online registration form.  Put the choreographer’s name(s) and grade beside the entry.  These students will be recognized in the program and there will be an award for best junior and senior choreography.

Judge’s Choice
For dance classes, the judges will vote for one school per category (beginner, intermediate and advanced) that was their favorite performance (doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the highest score). These schools will receive large trophies.

Final Program

Shamrock Dance Competition: February 24, 2018

When: Saturday, February 24, 2018
Competition begins at 5:30 pm.  Doors open to the public at 4:30 pm.
Frank Hurt Dancers will meet Ms. J at 4:00 pm at St. Pat's - please bring your Go Card, costumes, water, food, and/or money for food.

Where: Saint Patrick Regional Secondary Gymnasium
115 East 11th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.,  V5T 2C1

Who: Junior Hip Hop Team, Senior Hip Hop Team, Break Team

staging time/rehearsal schedule:

Shamrock Dance Competition 2018 Audience Tickets
Audience tickets are available now.  Each year we have the unfortunate task of turning away parents, friends, and families of performers because the event is sold out.  We have moved to an online ticketing system with advanced sales to prevent this.  Tickets will not be sold at the door, so please encourage your teams and their supporters to purchase audience tickets in advance.

Audience Ticket Sales Link -

About the Shamrock Dance CompetitionThe Shamrock Dance Competition was established in 2012 at Saint Patrick Regional Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C.  The goal was to generate an entertaining, unique, and enjoyable hip-hop dance competition for all ages.  The Shamrock Dance Competition unites high school dancers from the Lower Mainland to compete with each other while showcasing the region’s high level of talent in hip-hop dance.  With the support of the administration, staff, students, alumni, volunteers, dance studios, and guests, this annual event became very successful.  We appreciate your involvement, and look forward to working with you to celebrate the region’s dance talent.

Photos and Videos of the Previous Shamrock Dance Competition

Elements Dance Competition: May 31, 2018

Elements Webpage

When: Thursday, May 31, 2018
Where: Saanich, Commonwealth Place, Victoria, BC
Who: Junior Hip Hop Team, Senior Hip Hop Team, Break Team, Senior Girls' Bhangra Team

Holy Cross Dance Competition: April 6, 2018

Participating Teams: Junior Hip Hop, Senior Hip Hop, Break Team  

DATE: April 6th, 2018
TIME: 6:00PM - 10:30PM (Doors open at 5:30pm) *No tech rehearsals, but timed walk throughs.* DANCERS MEET AT 2:30.
LOCATION: 16193 88th Ave, Surrey, BC V4N 1G3 (School Gymnasium)

● Competitors must be in high school (with the exception of the Open Category).
● Shoes may NOT leave markings on the gym floor.
● It is highly recommended that dancers bring their own water bottle as we are trying to reduce the consumption of plastic water bottles.
● Dancer’s attire must be appropriate and not be revealing or provocative in any way.
● No drugs/alcohol will not be tolerated. There will be a security check prior to entrance. Teams in possession of or under the influence of banned or controlled substances will be disqualified.
● The routine must have a minimum of 2 mins and a maximum time of 3 minutes.
● Mix MUST be sent in by March 16th, 2018 (If this deadline is not as followed you will risk your team from getting disqualified).
● Mix must be in mp3 format.
● Email must include crew’s name and category in the subject.
● The music cannot contain any foul, inappropriate, or offensive language.
● The music/mix can only contain the mix your team is dancing to.
● Each team is being asked to submit (email to a "Boomerang" of themselves. This must be appropriate, and must not contain disrespectful actions.
● This will be used for slideshow purposes, and will show prior to their performance at the competition.
Junior Category
● 75% of the members must be in grades 8-9
● Team: 5 to 25 members

Senior Category
● 75% of the members must be in grades 10, 11 & 12
● Team: 5 to 25 members
Duo/Trio Category
● 2 or 3 members in any grades from 8-12
Open Category
● Can be any age, organization, team, studio or school
● Groups of 7 - 25 members

● Have a teacher sponsor/teacher from the school present (with exception of the Open Category). Student coaches do not suffice unless you have a letter from the Admin. (If you have any questions, please email
● Every team competing must show sportsmanship and respect to all of the other dancers.
● Every dancer MUST come with a valid ID (I.e. School GO Card). These WILL be checked.
Failure to follow these rules may result in disqualification/inability to compete.

There will not be a tech rehearsal, but there will be a walk through rehearsal maximum of 3 mins each.

We tried our best to accommodate all the requests. If you are not able to make it to the walkthrough, please let us know by email at

We would like all the teams to arrive 30 minutes before the walkthrough and if you are not able to make it by your walkthrough time or have later walkthrough time scheduled please arrive no later than 3:30pm.

We will be doing bag checks at the door. Once you are registered, we are not giving anyone permission to leave the site and comeback. Please advise your students to stay in the building and bring everything that they need to the building when they register.

There will be concession (CASH ONLY) starting around 4:30pm. We will be selling Teriyaki bowls, hotdogs, pizza, and fries. There will also be water fountain for dancers to use so, please remind them to bring water bottles.

There will be concession (CASH ONLY) starting around 4:30pm.
We have finalized the menu, and now we will be selling...

Beef Teriyaki - $8
Pizza - $3 - $5
Fries - $3
Poutine - $5
Bubble Tea - $5
Cotton Candy - $2
Chips/cookies - $1
Pop/Coffee/water - $2

There will also be water fountain for dancers to use so, please remind them to bring water bottles.

There will be tickets sold at the door and online "HC Dance Competition tickets ONLINE" (You must provide your name to buy the tickets online)

General admissions $10.
With Valid student ID the Student admission is $8.
Performers must provide ID.

Attached file is the HCDC Guidelines. Please read through and ask if you have any questions. Thanks.