Notice: Upcoming Dance Events in April

April Dance Events

  • All teams are competing
  • Please bring 3 food donations each. We need 80 total. 
  • Registration time is to be announced but let's aim to be there by 4:30pm until we hear otherwise. 
  • Transit to Holy Cross - make sure everyone is traveling together. Please have your parents pick you up after you dance or at the end of the competition. 
Tuesday, April 11: 10 - 1:30 - Surrey Dance Festival at the Bell Centre 
  • Admission is free - come and watch. 
  • Break class is performing
  • Please bring your lunch this day. 
  • Block order is ABCD. Come to the dance room at the start of block B and we will be gone for B, lunch, and C. You will attend block A and block D. 
  • Please bring your costume. 
  • Please use the washroom before we leave for the Bell Centre. 
Thursday, April 20: 2:50 - 4:20 Frank Hurt Open House / Extended Dance Teams Practice
  • Let's use this time to get ready for Outbreak the following Saturday. 
  • Registration time: To be announced
  • Tickets $10 from Ms. J - please invite your friends and family to come and watch. 

FT Thursday, March 30: Sky Zone

Some students are still missing the online Sky Zone waiver. Parents must fill this. Please make sure your name is spelled correctly or tell me the name that you used if it is different from this list.

Please meet in the dance room at the end of lunch. Bus leaves at 12 and we are back at Frank Hurt by 3pm.

FT: Dance Team Trip to Victoria Payments due Thursday, March 9, 2017

I have updated the payment spreadsheet to include the $100 that some dance team members made on Saturday at Queen Elizabeth. If you are unable to pay in full by this Thursday please bring a note from your parents or have them send an email detailing when the payment will be made.