Dance Team Trip: Victoria April 8 - 10 Second Notice

Dear parents and guardians,

In order to move forward with the planning for the Victoria field trip, students need to complete two tasks by February 11, 2016 at 3pm:

  1. They need to have their semester two teachers sign their permission forms to excuse them from classes on April 8th.

  1. They need to bring in the field trip fees. The trip fees for each student vary due to how much they fundraised or if they used their fundraising money for other things. (Please see the spreadsheet below to see how much your student owes. If there is a problem getting the money together by February 11th please send a note to school with your child – so, I know that they have communicated with you and include a date that you and your student will be able to provide the funds.)

Paula Johnson

Dance 8-12