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YouTube: Block 3 Spaceship Day 5

YouTube: Block 3 - Spaceship Day 4

Hey guys! My first video with the instructions didn't work - so you just have the one with the music to practise. I hope you can still practise it and get it good for tomorrow!! THANKS!!

YouTube: Block 1 Navid day 3

YouTube: Block 3 Spaceship Day 3 - Part One DONE!

Photos: Students who forgot their dance strip on FRIDAY!

Who will be the next offenders?

YouTube: Block 3 Spaceship Day 2

Please practice AT LEAST 20 times starting with the RIGHT and 20 times starting with the LEFT. I will be choosing 4 people to do this part starting with the left and 5 people to do this parting starting to the right. Everyone will be in the next part! We will YouTube again on Monday. Have a happy dancing weekend :-)

YouTube: Block 3 Spaceship - DAY 1

Please practice at least 20 times tonight!!!

YouTube: Block 1 - Navid's Choreo - Class 2

Here you go... now practise!!

Dance Team Schedule Change Nov. 23 and 24

Due to senior formal there are some schedule changes with the X block next week.

Tuesday Nov. 22 - Sr. Choreo - NO CHANGE

Wednesday, Nov. 23 - CANCELLED

Thursday, Nov. 24 - Jr. Choreo - No Tech this week ... but we will work extra hard next week! ;-)


This year’s logo was made by Elaine. Awesome job Elaine!! The Frank Hurt Dance program is selling sweatpants and crew neck sweatshirts. Sweatpants are $25 and sweatshirts are $25. If you are interested in purchasing dance wear this year please send your student to school with exact change or a cheque made out to Frank Hurt Secondary School with their student number on the cheque. Also, make sure your student knows what size they are. We have adult size small, medium, large, and extra-large. These are the same sizes as we have had in the past.
We want to try and get the dance wear before Winter Break so the deadline for orders is Thursday, November 24, 2011.

Photos: Works in Progress Show Nov. 3, 2011

Breakout Rules


All dancers must be from the same school.

All dance teams must have a minimum of 9 dancers. All classes must have a minimum of 15 dancers.

Junior dancers may dance with seniors, but seniors cannot dance in a junior division.

All dance team and class music must be no longer than 3 minutes.

Music must be edited for all profanities and distasteful lyrics. (severe deductions)

Music must be brought on a memory stick to the D.J. at the time of warm-up. Coaches can bring an extra copy of their songs on a C.D. for back-up.

All competitors must act with respect and co-operate with all students and officials of the show.

Costumes must be appropriate for every dancer. Costumes that show too much cleavage, thongs, or boys underwear will be deducted.

Remember this is a family show so moves should be respectful of the audience. Judges may deduct for rude gestures or bad taste.

Open category is any type of dance except hip hop.


There will be ribbons given o…

YouTubes: Works in Progress Class Shows

If you didn't get to join us on Novemeber 3 - here is what you missed!! Enjoy!

Block 1

Block 3

Photos: Halloween