YouTubes: Flash Mob for BC Summer Games Thursday, April 19 at Bear Creek Park

This is a flash mob type performance for the B.C Summer Games Torch Lighting Ceremony on Thursday, April 19th at Bear Creek Park (approx 4:30pm-7pm). ALL students are invited to attend and perform!!! There will be lots of media coverage of the event, so the more the merrier!!!

Please learn the choreo as a class . . . or let the kids do it on their own. And then come on April 19th ready to DANCE!!! (we will get 1 run through)

The beginning of the song will start with only a few students dancing . . . and then the 1st chorus is when everyone starts dancing together. I will post a video of the whole thing together shortly.

Happy dancing! Any questions please email or call. Thanks guys! I really hope most of you can do this!!!