All Teams Choreography Collaboration with Lara Barclay!!

Lara Barclay and the Biennale Big Ideas Performance

Dance team practices will change for two weeks. Please book these dates off work ASAP. We need everyone at the studio and at the performances - so go tell your bosses that you cannot work these days and organize your schedule accordingly. Tell your parents and your grandparents about the show because we want people to come and see your collaborative creation with Lara. (A really amazing dancer with TONS or EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE to share. This is one of those opportunities that you don't want to miss and YOU ARE SO LUCKY to have. Thank Ms. Sirianni at the dance festival for this opportunity - you will see her backstage- I will point her out - and really - THANK HER - I will know you have read this if you do!!) 

Here are the IMPORTANT DATES - (copied over for your convenience) 

Monday, March 7: 3 - 4:30 Lara Barclay Choreography - All Teams
Tuesday, March 8: 3 - 4:30 Lara Barclay Choreography - Senior Team
Wednesday, March 9: 3-4:30 Lara Barclay Choreography - Junior & Break Teams
Friday, March 11: 3 - 4:30 Lara Barclay Choreography - Break Team
Tuesday, March 29: 3 - 4:30 Lara Barclay Choreography - All Teams
Wednesday, March 30: 3 - 4:30 Lara Barclay Choreography - All Teams
Thursday, March 31: 3 - 4:30 Lara Barclay Choreography - All Teams

Friday, April 1: TBA Biennale Big Ideas Performances - All Teams at the Bell Centre - FREE (Performing the choreography we all created with Lara Barclay) 

You have two different time challenges with this new piece: 

There are only SEVEN classes with Lara and the day after the seventh is the performance. That isn't a lot of time to create something.
What else do you notice when you look at it on the calendar? That is right!! SPRING BREAK is right in the middle of the seven classes. That will be an extra challenge for us - not to forget what we have been working on. That means Ms. J is going to do a lot of video work and you are going to do a lot of practising over spring break so we don't have to do a lot of review when we meet again - so we can continue to move forward.


There is a theme for this performance and it is a mouthful: environmental volunteerism and social activism. We are meant to go on a field trip together that has to do with this theme.(Date TBA) We should be volunteering together somewhere and somehow adapting what we have seen into collaborative movement. (Lara and I were talking about this already and thinking visiting the Lower Eastside would lead us to some pretty intense movements - think about it -)


  • Free your schedule for your new practice days and the show day - the whole show day - there are two performances - one afternoon and one evening - I don't have exact times yet. 
  • Think about a volunteer opportunity that interests you that we could do as a group - something you have always wanted to do that could change your perspective on life and inspire movement. 
  • If you hear a song - share it with our group on Google Classroom. 
  • If you see an image - share it as well - we will be projecting images on the scrim at the back of the stage at the Bell. 

It isn't all dance - it is all genres of art. Here are some examples from the Vancouver Biennale: