YouTubes: Pulse

Media Team will have footage out soon. Here is my camera view! Congratulations to Teg and Rajan for winning first. AND, sorry you got missed being called back and had to run up and dance right away... you still made me super happy... love the money drop! hahaha!!! Awesome! I am going to miss you!!!

YouTubes: Shamrock

Dear Shamrock 2018 Performers:

Please find below links to the full Shamrock Dance Competition 2018 Playlist:

A full recording of the entire event, unedited, is available here as well:

Please note that we are currently working with the Shamrock 2018 judges to provide more extensive written feedback to teams from these videos.  The videos will allow the judges to spend additional time per team --something that was not possible at the live event.  We hope to have this to you and your teams in about a week.

Pulse Small Teams: Monday, February 26th

1. Dancer registration begins at 3:30 (audience won't be allowed in until 4pm). I have printed your rosters, please ask your dancers to have their GoCards ready. There will not be tech times on stage for this event.

2. Competition starts at 4:30. Tickets will be sold at the event. If you have pre sold tickets (or contacted me to bring you tickets), please bring me cash in an envelope properly labeled with your school name, amount of tickets sold and the amount of cash in the envelope.

3. All dancers will be allowed (and encouraged) to watch the competition from the audience. Dancers must be in the audience at 4:20pm for when the MC goes over rules. The will be entering stage right (up the drama ramp and into the green room holding area) and they will exit down the stairs at the front of the stage.

4. Our MC is Gabe Galedo and our four judges are Shauna Smith, Jacob Soriano, Angelo Admana, & Missy Reyes.

5. Thank you for dropping your music into the google drive. If you did not, do so ASAP. If you have not done it by the end of the day today, please bring your music on a USB and give to the music tech guys (Robert & Balakshan) on the day of.

6. We are going to be running this event efficiently, so please make sure your dancers are ready in the plaza. We will call 2 numbers up before each performance.