LA Disneyland Information

Disney - LA Trip Information 

I will be bringing in a presenter from this tour group to make a presentation of this field trip. Please discuss this with your parents and let me know next week if you may be interested. We have fifteen spots available. We will be going with Panorama Ridge Secondary. The price will be around $2000. The students will be doing fundraising to help bring down the price of the trip.

The Throwdown Vol. 2

The Throwdown Vol. 2 

Panorama Ridge 
Wednesday, October 28th 4:30 - 8

Junior, Senior, and Alumni categories. 

It's $5 per dancer ... and $5 for audience members (tickets coming soon).

This is a 1 vs.1 event with 3-4 rounds  

See Ms. J if you are interested in battling. 

Congratulations Dance Teams 2015 - 2016! 

Thank-you to everyone that came out to audition. If you did not make it this year - keep dancing and come out again next year. Come dance at lunch and take dance class. The more you dance the stronger you will become. For Break Team - Matt has said, if you are practising at lunch and your foundation skills improve - he may add people to the team later. 

For those of you that did make it - your first few practices are still like an audition - so try your best and have a positive attitude. 

Thank-you again for coming out and auditioning this year. Everyone who danced made me really happy. 

Junior Dance Team
Coaches: Seth, Calvin, Angelica, Andrea, Johanna
Practices: Wednesday & Thursday 3 – 4:30
Sita Naiker
Charlene Ursua
Andrea Legaspi
Ciara Cruz*
Simran Pooni
Tam Tran
Donna Tran
Kim Tran
Saron Beyene
Trizia Arlan
Melanie Peralta
Lily Trinh
Brian Paragas*
Aimee Bryant
Rajan Sandhu*
Leandra Milfrise
Break Team (15)
Coaches: Matt, Lucas, Huy, & Jonathan
Practices: Wednesday & Thursday  3 – 4:30
Steven Dinh
Bryan Torres
Brandon Montero
Bilaal Farook
AJ Idemudia
Brian Paragas*
Rajan Sandhu*
Yonis Hussein
Ronesh Sewak
Nes Hipolito
Nikiel Lal
Braden LePage!!!
Ciara Cruz*

*must choose one team – practices are on the same day.

Senior Dance Team
Coaches: Jermie, Kim, & Ella
Practices: Tuesday & Thursday 3 – 4:30

Ciara Cruz
Andrea Legaspi
Charlene Ursua
Angelica Baniqued
Yancy Torralba
Diana Larios
Segan Yemane
Rajan Sandhu
Joanna El Mikati – come to first practice to audition
Mearon Gebrimaichael – come to first practice to audition

Notice: First Notice Home 2015 - 2016

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Could you please complete this quick online form of your contact information so I can keep in touch with you this year? This is your child's homework for September 9. 2015. 

Now... on with the notice! 

Dance is a performance art so performing is a large part of a dance student’s education. Dance students are marked on their preparation as well as their skills demonstrated at these performances and at the dress rehearsal. Students will have the opportunity to perform informally in front of their peers and formally at assemblies, festivals and competitions. Notices of reminder and permission forms will be sent home when these events come closer.
The following performance and rehearsal dates are for shows at Frank Hurt Theatre. These performances are integral to the dance program. Please make note of these dates and help ensure that your child is in attendance. If there are any conflicts please inform your child’s teacher immediately.
This semester the dance department will be presenting two sets of shows. Our first show will be a workshop demonstration. This is a low-key performance on Nov.5 at 3:30 – 4:30pm  and it is meant to share with family and friends. The purpose of this demonstration is for the students to display what they have learned and to be introduced to stage performance in a comfortable manner. This is not meant to be a polished show. Costumes and lighting will be very basic and the performances will be ‘works in progress.’ Students must be available for a dress/technical rehearsal on Nov.4 from 3-4pm.
Our second show is a formal performance with full costumes and lighting. The dress rehearsal and elementary show will be held on December 4 from 12:30-2:48pm and the show will be on December 10 at 6:30pm.

Please note these important dates in your calendars and check the blog for updates:
Important Dates
Tuesday, Sept.15: 3:00-4:30pm Jr. Dance Team Auditions (gr. 8-10)
Wednesday, Sept. 16: 1: 3:00-4:30pm Break Team Auditions (gr. 8-12) 
Thursday, Sept. 17: 3:00-4:30pm Sr. Dance Team Auditions (gr. 11 & 12 and those invited back from junior auditions) 
Friday, Sept. 18: Dance Teams posted – studio door/blog
Tuesday, Sept. 22 After school Dance Team practices Start - X block
Wednesday, Oct. 21: WE Day - TBA
TBA Throwdown Vol. 2 at Panorama Ridge 
Tuesday, Nov. 3: 3-4pm Works in Progress Dress Rehearsal 
Wednesday, Nov.5: 3:00 - 4:30 pm  - Works in Progress Show - starts at 3:30 / by donation 
Friday, Dec. 4: 12:30-2:40 pm Dress Rehearsal / Elementary Show
Thursday, Dec. 10: 5:45 - 8:00pm January Show - Show starts at 6:30 / Tickets $5
Thursday, Jan. 7:  9:30 - 12 Surrey Dance Festival at the Bell Centre
TBA 5:30-9pm Outbreak Small Teams at Fleetwood 
Saturday TBA: 10 - 5pm Outbreak Dance Competition at TBA

We look forward to a wonderful year in dance. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about the Frank Hurt Dance Program. e-mail: and check our blog regularly for updates:

Happy Dancing!
Paula Johnson (Dance 8-12)