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YouTubes, Scoresheets, & Photos: Shamrock 2016

Permission Form Update

If you see your name and it is pink - you have a something missing. Please get all forms and money in.There are also 6 spots left for the Boogaloo field trip. I really need to fill all of the spots in order to pay for the bus. Don't let me down - it discourages me from planning awesome adventures for you. Why do all that extra work? Makes Ms. J sad.

Saturday, February 27: Shamrock Dance Competition for ALL TEAMS

Please make sure you have a ride / pick-up from the competition and/ or you are not traveling alone on Translink. Be there at 2:45pm. I will meet you there and you can't enter without me. Bring food, water (and $), and costumes.  Your bags will be checked and the Vancouver Police Department will be there. There are no in and outs after 4pm and each time you go in and out your bags must be checked.  Translink Instructions: 
Practice Times at St. Pat's: 
Email from competition: Teams will have 7 minutes to rehearse on the stage as we make final preparations for the event (lighting and sound adjustments).  Time slots will be strictly enforced by event staff.  Please be ready in the gym prior to your practice window in order to ensure you can take full advantage of your time.  Due to the large number of acts performing, there will be no adjustments made should a team arrives late or miss their practice window.  
We have accommodated your staging/practice time requests (submitted du…

FT: Arbourside

Thank-you Joanna for organizing this feel good field trip for us. Let's do it again in May - but let's get them up and dancing with us!! Or maybe we can teach some chair dances ?? 

YouTubes: Combo 1

FT: Big Ideas Biennale at the Bell Centre

Permission Form 1 (for everyone) Permission From 2 (for all dancers performing)  Due Feb. 18th at 4pm.  Big Ideas Biennale at the Bell CentreWhat: All forms of art  When: Friday, April 1,  2016 10:30 -2:00pm - please meet in the dance room at 10:30. The busses will pick us up at 10:45am. (You will have to leave your block 1 class early and I will e-mail your teachers to excuse you.)  Where: The Bell Centre Transportation: School busses provided by the district and our transportation fund.  Cost: Free – paid for by the district and our transportation fund. 
To do: Parents fill in and sign, have teachers sign, and students return the permission form for this field trip. Deadline for permission form is February 18, 2016. 
Show Order

FT: Surrey Dance Festival at the Bell Centre

Permission Form - Due Feb. 18 at 4pm Surrey Dance Festival at the Bell CentreWhat: Dance performances by Surrey secondary and elementary schools. All dance classes have been registered to perform.  When: Tuesday, April 12,  2016 11:30 -1:00pm Where: The Bell Centre Transportation: School busses provided by the district Cost: Free – paid for by the district Tickets: Free – family is welcome to come and watch. There is lots of seating at the Bell Centre and it is free!

FT: Boogaloo Academy

Frank Hurt and Panorama Ridge Dance will be visiting Boogaloo Academy (8410 Ontario St #101, Vancouver) in Vancouver on Friday, March, 4. We will be leaving the school at 8:30am and returning at 3:00pm. We will be travelling by school bus. 
The students will be taking two dance classes and will have six different classes to choose from. I will post the schedule here when it is confirmed. So, come back and check! 
The cost of this field trip is $25. This is the price for two dance classes and transportation. 
This is a first come first served field trip. All Frank Hurt Dancers are invited and I will be taking the first twenty students who bring in their money and permission form signed by their teachers and a parent or guardian. Please bring exact change or a cheque made out to Frank Hurt Secondary with your child’s student number on it. Field trip forms are due Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 4pm. 

Permission Form