FT: Victoria Dance Team Trip

Trip Rules

Trip Rules:
  • All Frank Hurt Secondary school rules apply.
  • There should be no girls in the boys’ rooms and no boys in the girls’ rooms at any time.
  • At light’s out everyone must be in their own room and stay there until morning.
  • Alcohol, drugs, and smoking are prohibited for everyone on the trip.
  • Bags will be checked before we get on the bus.
  • Send kids to Ms. J if they need to leave the building. They may be allowed to leave with a buddy – if it is important. They must sign in and out with Ms. J.
  • Students must use the buddy system when we have free time. No one should be off on their own. Each small group must have at least one phone with Ms. J’s phone number in case of emergency.
  • Students must watch the time and make sure they return to the set meeting point on time.
  • Must have a teacher supervising when swimming.  – There is no pool but I am keeping this on the list for the next time we are at a hotel with a pool. (so, I don’t forget!)

If any rule is broken by a student, they will be sent home at their parents’ expense and dealt with by the administration at school.

Inappropriate behaviour and consequences…

Climbing in and out of windows/ balconies– sent home and administration visit
Breaking anything in the hotel room – must pay for damage
Illegal substances – sent home and administration visit


(do you want to have dinner together on Friday night? Where? I can book a restaurant for us) 

Friday, April 8th

Meet at Frank Hurt for bag checks -
Boss Limo Bus to the ferry
8:45am  Meet at the Tswwassen Ferry Terminal
9:00am Ferry to Swartz Bay, Victoria
11:00am  Pick up from Swartz Bay terminal (Garden City Transport) 
11:30am  Drop off downtown Victoria, Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza (642 Johnson St.)
Put luggage at hotel - keep costume 
12 - 2:00pm  Free time to eat lunch 
3:00 - 4:30 Ship Point Set up and Performance 
6:00 - 8:00  Dance Team Dinner at Hope Key Restaurant 
9:00pm  Back in hotel 
11:00pm Room checks - Must be in own rooms and doors taped closed. 

Saturday, April 9th

7:30am  Ms. J will untape your door and say good morning if you are awake. 
Get up and find some breakfast - breakfast is not included with this hotel
11:00am - 2:00pm?  The Amazing Race  
3:00pm  Meet back at hotel and get ready for competition
4:30pm  Pick up from Best Western Plus
5:00pm  Drop off at Sidney White Theatre,  (2243 Beacon Ave W)
8:30pm  Pick up  from Charlie White Theatre
9:00pm  Drop off back at Best Western Plus, Victoria
11:00pm Room checks - Must be in own rooms and doors taped closed. 

Sunday, April 10th

7:30am  Ms. J will untape your door and say good morning if you are awake. 
Get up and find some breakfast - breakfast is not included with this hotel
10:30am  Meet to return room keys and get ready to get on the bus
10:45am  Pick up from Best Western Plus 
11:15am  Drop off at Swartz Bay terminal (catching the 12:00pm ferry)  
1:15pm  Arrive at Tswwassen Ferry Terminal - parents pick up here

Rooming List

(please see me for changes) 
Girl Room 1 Girl Room 2 Girl Room 3 Girl Room 4
Segan  Yancy Ciara Trizia 
Ella  Nhuy Andrea Lily
Diana Angelica Charlene Donna
Jermie Kim sr.  Lil' Kim  Leandra 
Boy Room 1 Boy Room 2 Boy Room 3 Boy Room 4
Braden Dante  AJ Bilaal
Bryan Brian Huy Steven 
Brandon Lucas Nikiel  Tam
Mark Yonis Jonathan Ronesh
Chaperones Chaperones
Paula Anthony

Synergy Dance Competition Information

Attached is a PDF document with information to review. It is a list of  
the most commonly asked questions we get from the school dance team  
divisions at each location. It includes information about how to  
obtain your written and video adjudications aswell as your scores, how  
things are judged, resources near the theatre and admission etc.  
Please don't forget to have your dancers sign in at the front desk to  
collect their participation prize package which is a waterbottle with  
various prizes inside. Any unclaimed prize packages will not be mailed  
to schools after event, they will be donated to our charity of  
choice-- the BC Childrens hospital.

Costume Changes and Scheduling Order: at the Vancouver Island event we  
inserted some of the regular hip hop division between some of the  
school dance team performances to help with costume changes. This is  
not normally how the school dance team division is scheduled, they are  
normally back to back, but as there were many costume change issues to  
sort out inserting other performances between some of the school dance  
team performances was the only way to make it work. You will notice on  
the schedule that the school dance teams have been chunked into three  
sections, these are all one school dance team section, but there are  
regular division hip hop routines scheduled between to assist with  
costumes. Should you need more costume change time please see the  
master of ceremonies to coordinate this at the event an hour before  
your call time.

The overall school dance team awards is the final session of Saturday night.

We would like to remind all guests that seating will be tight on  
Saturday night, the Charlie White theatre is the smallest theatre that  
we rent on our tour, (options are limmited on the Island) as result we  
have awards sessions every hour in order to clear out the facility and  
make room for the next spectators, however, whenever there are big  
groups in a category things do get tight at the Charlie White Theatre.  
We are anticipating a tight audience on Saturday night and appreciate  
everyones patience and understanding if guests must wait in a que to  
enter rather than immediately access in and out like you might expect  
at the larger theatres such as Bell Centre. In addition to the large  
hip hop groups, and the school dance teams there is also a studio  
production on Saturday night. Please plan for this, it may not be  
possible to "run in one dance before" as people can do at larger  

We look forward to seeing the school dance teams Saturday evening!

Hotel Information: Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza Hotel

Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza Hotel
642 Johnson St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1M6

All studio suites have a full kitchen including an electronic kettle and microwave. All hotel rooms have a Keurig machine with complimentary coffee. But if you have your favorite coffee, you are welcome to bring yours and enjoy with our machine. As Anthony' and your room does not have a microwave , there is a microwave for all guests to use available for 24 hours on the lobby floor. There is a mini fridge in the traditional rooms.