Costumes Block 1

Down Here
- Black leggings
- Man’s dress shirt
- Black tank top
- Bare feet
- Hair: Down but tied off face
- Make-up: stage make-up

- Different colour leggings – NOT BLACK
- WE will cut necks out of tops in the costume room
- Black tank top
- Hair: down- twist and pin bangs to side
- Make-up: stage make-up
- Shoes: boots? Revisit in January

Navid’s Dance
- I am going to go shopping over the break and try to find something high waisted and a bright top.

Group Choreos
- You and your group design- must be appropriate for school

Costumes Block 3
- Black Dickies – we have them at school
- Shirt matches your character
- Shoes: Tap, black socks
- Make-up: Stage make-up
- Hair: Match your character
- Props: Diamond and Pick ax – need wrapping paper rolls

Someone Like You
- Black leggings
- Red shirts – we have these at school
- Bare feet
- Make-up: Stage make-up
- Hair: Twist and pin

Love in this Club
- White board side: Blue T-shirt
- Window side: Red T-shirt
- Black leggings
- Sneakers
- Hair: pony tail – masters down
- Make-up: Stage make-up
- Veronica: White T-shirt – red band
- Mearon: Black shirt – blue band

- Black leggings
- Black tank top or t-shirt or long sleeve shirt
- Silver costume pieces that we have here at school.
- Shoes: Black sneakers – or the closest that you have to black
- Hair: High pony tail – bangs swooshed and pinned to the side – so you don’t flick your hair!
- Make-up: We might do something funky for Breakout but for our show and the Bell centre just normal stage make-up.

Group Choreos
- You and your group design- must be appropriate for school

Ya.. .We DANCE! 2012

Ya... We DANCE!! 2012

Get the classes you want by signing up first! I will be collecting your registration the day we come back from Winter Break. You have the whole holiday to think about which classes you want to take!

Photos: Pep Rally!!

 The purps in purple.
 Senior friends!
 We got a new kid!
 Jr. Professional look
 J Fresh will make you jump!
 Pretending we just won!!
 Ms. J.. no more jumping!!
 I gotcha!!
 First place faces.
AND... the football team? hahaha!! 

YouTube: Block 1 Navid Day 4

Progress Reports WEDNESDAY

If you are not passing Ms. J's classes you will be receiving a list of missed tasks so you can get your work in and pass!


Notice: Surrey Dance Festival, January Show and Breakout

Dear Parents and Guardians,

When we return from the Winter Break Frank Hurt Dance is going to get really busy! I would like to remind you of the last few dance events going on in January.


Thursday, Jan. 5 9:00 – 11:30 Surrey Dance Festival at the Bell Centre

Monday, Jan. 9 12:00 – 2:40 January Dance Show– Dress Rehearsal and Elementary Show

Thursday, Jan. 12 5:45 – 8:30 January Dance Show

Saturday, Jan. 14 10:30 – 4pm Breakout Dance Competition at North Surrey Secondary

The Surrey Dance Festival at the Bell Centre on Thursday, January 5. Please sign and have your student return the permission form. This field trip is for marks for all dance students. The performance is free so come and watch your student(s) dance! The performance will begin around 9:30am and finish around 11:30pm.

All missed classes must be made up before the Dress Rehearsal which means the final date to make up missed classes is Thursday, January 5 at 4:20pm. Any dance class student who does not make up their missed classes will not be dancing in the show. They must still come to the show to help me backstage. There is always a lot of work to do behind the scenes!

Monday, January 9 from 12 – 2:30 we have our Dress Rehearsal / Elementary Christmas Show. Please make sure your student comes to school prepared with their costumes and enough food and water. This is a mandatory rehearsal. Students who do not attend this dress rehearsal will not be in the show.

Thursday, January 12 is The January Show. Students are to be here at 5:45pm. Please make sure they have all of their costumes and water. The doors will open for the audience at 6:45pm and the show will start promptly at 7:00pm. The show should run till about 8:15-8:30pm. This show is mandatory for dance students. If students missed the dress rehearsal they are still required to come to the dance show and help out.

Tickets are $5 each and will be for sale at the door. We will be trying something new this year – general admission. So be here right at 6:45 to get the best seats!

Please support our fundraisers at the dance show:

Flower boquets: $5 (Thanks to Mama J for donating the flowers)

50/50 Draw: $2 for three and $5 for an arm’s length.

Our final event is Breakout Dance Competition. All classes and dance teams will be performing. This year our event will be held at North Surrey Secondary. Performers will have to arrive as early as 9:30am. I will post the registration schedule and other important information on the blog when I get it. The actual competition starts at 1:30pm and should run till about 4pm. Tickets will go on sale at 10am at the door. I look forward to seeing you all there!

YouTube: Block 3 Spaceship Day 7 DONE!

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Have an awesome weekend you creepy aliens!!