YouTubes and Score Sheets: Outbreak 2016!!

I am missing Superman vs. Batman - I pressed stop instead of start. I know Yonis and Wanye got copies - so when I catch theirs I will post it here too.

Great job today everyone - so proud of y'all!!

May 4: Grade 7 Hornet Welcome Day: Senior Team / Break Team Performances

Grade 7 Hornet Welcome Day
Theatre Presentation Schedule (DRAFT)

Presentation 1
9:48         MCs – Alyssa Hewton and Lucas Nair – Welcome – memories of coming to Frank Hurt as new grade 8s
9:51         Counselling – Ms. Kim (confirmed)
9:54         Athletics – Mr. Semren
9:57         Dance Performance – Senior Team (confirmed with Ms. Johnson)
10:02       Careers – Mr. Edmondson
10:05       Aboriginal Department – Mr. Taddei   
10:08       Youth Centre & Care Workers – Mr. Plumridge
10:11       Community Schools Programs – Rahul Minhas
10:14       Safe Schools – Mandeep & Steve
10:17       Principal’s Address (& killing time if necessary) – Ms. Sarmento

Presentation 2
10:28       MCs – Alyssa Hewton and Lucas Nair – Welcome – memories of coming to Frank Hurt as new grade 8s
10:31       Counselling – Ms. Kim
10:34       Athletics – Mr. Semren
10:37       Dance Performance – Break Team (confirmed with Ms. Johnson)
10:42       Careers – Mr. Edmondson
10:45       Aboriginal Department – Mr. Taddei   
10:48       Youth Centre & Care Workers – Mr. Plumridge
10:51       Community Schools Programs – Rahul Minhas
10:54       Safe Schools – Mandeep & Steve

10:57       Principal’s Address (& killing time if necessary) – Ms. Sarmento

YouTubes: OBST 2016

I am so proud of everyone who performed. Thank-you for making that extra effort, gathering your confidence, and stepping out on the stage. You always make me so happy and proud!! 

Boys' T-shirts for Outbreak

Dear parents and guardians,

I have ordered the boys’ class t-shirts. The cost is $10. Please make cheques out to Frank Hurt Secondary and write his student number on the cheque or send exact change. If you are unable to purchase the shirt, he can borrow the shirt and return it after our June Show.

Outbreak April 30, 2016

Hosted by Surrey (SD#36) Secondary Dance Teachers' Association 

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2016

Time: Doors open to public at 11:30 / Show starts at 12:00pm. 

Place: Chandos Pattison Auditorium (10238 168th Street, Surrey) 

Tickets are $10 from Ms. J in the dance office. 

Registration time for Frank Hurt dancers is: 9:00am. Bags will be checked outside and then students should enter in alphabetical order. 

Bring your costumes. 

Students can stay until the end or leave after they dance. Most students stay and watch all the dances. It is a really fun event. 

There is a concession if you need to buy food. Bring food or money for food. 

Frank Hurt dancers involved: 

Advanced Break BattlePJ, Braden, Bryan
Advanced Break BattleBrian Paragas, Mark Felipe, Yonis Hussein
Break Team (grades 8 -12)Superman vs. Batman
Intermediate Class (mostly grade 10's)Marvel vs. DC
Senior Hip Hop (grades 10 - 12)Ye Man
Beginner Class (grades 8/9)Planes
Junior Hip Hop (grades 8-10)Tim Tams

Final Program:

Outbreak Small Teams April 20, 2016

DATE: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PLACE: Enver Creek Secondary Theatre (14505-84 Ave, Surrey)

TIME:  Dancer registration is between 3:30 - 4pm (enter @ front of school)
  Doors open to public @ 4:30 p.m. (enter @ front of school)
           Competition starts @ 5 p.m. & should end @ 8 p.m.

TICKETS:  $10 advance sales &/OR at door if any left that night
SEATING:  There will be approximately 250 seats in the theatre to be shared between spectators and dancers.  Dancers will need to be backstage 3 numbers before they perform. 

Frank Hurt dancers: 
Beginner Break Battle (3 dancers)NADanteDamonJatinder
Intermediate Break Battle (3 dancers)NAAJ Idemudia Nikiel Lal Steven Dinh
Junior Street QuadSinigals 2.0Charlene Ursua, 10Ciara Cruz, 10Kim Tran, 10 Andrea Legaspi, 10
Senior Street DuoKim 2Kim Tran, 10Kim Tran, 12
Senior Street TrioBanana Split Nikiel Lal, 11Huy Tra, 11Jonathan McNeil, 11
Beginner Break Battle n/aElias TayagBrandon CaoJamir Driedger

Draft Program: