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Dance Teams 2010-2011 - Congratulations!

Here is a to do list for YOU new dance team members:
1. Have you e-mailed your health history and contact information?
Click here
2. Have your contract signed and returned to Ms. J
3. Pay your dance team fees ($30/ team)
4. Order your dance team hoodie ($30) There is a crew neck option this year and the original hoodie!

* If you are highlighted please talk to your coach.

Junior Team
Jen P
Jessica F

Breakdance Team
April Mica
Brandon Mander
Delainey Oum
Elaine Ramos
Erick Menon
Francis Duenas
Gene Suva
Jessie Nickoriuk
Jordan Edwards
Josh Cameron
Kevin Luong
Mark Fagela
Matthew Tran
Matthew Wong
Mike Allocod
Omara Ndayiragije

Senior Team
Lei Anne

October Dance News

October Dance News 2010

Congratulations to all dance team members and thank-you to everyone that came and tried out. We have decided to have smaller teams this year so if you didn’t make it do not feel bad. Please join our twenty dance class challenge and dance with us on Mondays!

Junior Dance Team Practices: Tuesday 3-4:30 pm / Thursday 7:30-8:15am

Senior Dance Team Practices: Wednesday 7:30–8:15am / Thursday 3-4:30pm

Breakdance Team Practices: Tuesday 7:30 -8:18 / Wednesday 3-4:30pm

Yeah… We Dance!
Frank Hurt is hosting a dance convention on Friday, October 22. Guest teachers will be teaching Hip Hop. Jazz, Contemporary, Breakdance, Pop & Lock, Boogaloo, House, and Women Empowerment dance classes. All students are invited. Classes and dance teams will receive registration forms from Ms. J but if you are not in dance or on dance team and are interested please see Ms. J in the dance office. The convention costs $30 or $45 with a t-shirt.

Works in Progress Show
All dance classe…

Congratulations Dance Team Notice

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations, your son or daughter is on the dance team. This is a great opportunity for them to learn and develop as a young artist. Frank Hurt has three dance teams this year and they are all student run, choreographed, and danced. This is amazing as some teams that we compete against have professional choreographers but Frank Hurt consistently does well in competitions. Our program is strong because our dancers are dedicated and motivated to do well. This year promises to be our most exciting yet. I have included below a list of dance events that I know of so far. Please check the blog regularly for updates, videos, and photos: If you need to contact me please e-mail:

Please read through your student’s Dance Team Member Contract with them, sign it, and have them return to Ms. J with teams fees.

Happy Dancing,
Paula Johnson

Please see blog for studio schedule and important dates.

Dance Field Trips

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have two field trips on the horizon! The first is Yeah… We Dance! A dance convention held here at Frank Hurt on Friday, October 22, 2010. Students arrive at school at 9am and go home at 1:30pm. The cost to students is $30 for three classes or $45 with a t-shirt.

The second is on Monday, November 22, 2010 we have a field trip to Bikrams Yoga Delta. We will be taking taxis and my vehicle. We will be leaving the school at 11:30am and returning at 2:15pm. The cost is $15/student and all dance students are invited. This field trip is on a first come first serve basis – the first18 students who have their forms signed and their money in get to come on the trip. What a great way to warm-up and get flexy in November!

Bikrams Yoga is the hot yoga. It is awesome for increasing strength and flexibility. It is comprised of two breathing exercises and twenty-six postures. It is important not to eat two hours before the class. Our class will be starting at 12pm so …

Dance Party Friday Playlist!

Hey! I am making a playlist for dance party Fridays. What do you want to party to? You can post a comment below or e-mail me at:


Dance Teams 2010-2011 - Congratulations!!

Congratulations!! You have all made it to call backs. Please attend the first practice for your team. Cuts will be made during your first practice so please dance full out and show your love of dance!! THANKS EVERYONE for coming out!!

Junior Dance Team 2010-2011 - We look forward to seeing you Tuesday 3-4:30.
1. Monica
2. Calvin
3. Wayne
4. Bianca
5. Francis
6. Mark
7. Lily
8. Latisha
9. Mariah N.S.
10. Jillian
11. Anu
12. Jenny
13. Prianka
14. Michelle W
15. Patrice
16. Jen P
17. Sonya
18. Jasmeine W
19. Amanpreet
20. Jessica F
21. Elizabeth

Senior Dance Team 2010-2011- We look forward to seeing you Thursday 3-4:30.
1. Alison
2. Andrew
3. Cierra
4. Kelsi
5. Lei Anne
6. Josh
7. Jordan
8. Nana
9. Mia
10. Janica
11. April
12. Rheann
13. Michelle
14. Elaine
15. Shakira
16. Anjali
17. Eliora
18. Nisha
19. Jessie
20. Mercedes

Breakdance Team - We look forward to seeing you Wednesday 3-4:30.

All students that auditioned please come to the first practice. We would like to see everyo…

Dance Team Members Health History and Contact Information

All NEW dance team members please copy and paste this into an e-mail and send the information to

Dance Team Members Health History and Contact Information:

Dancer’s Full Name:
Dancer’s Date of Birth:
Grade dancer will be in 2008 – 2009:
Dancer’s e-mail address:
Dancer’s cell phone number:
Dancer’s home phone number:
Parent name:
Parents’ daytime contact number:
Parents’ e-mail address:
Emergency name and number:
Family name and doctor:
Health card number:
List any current health problems:
List any current medications:
List any current injuries:
Do you take dance at Frank Hurt?
If no, where do you take dance classes?
School or recreation centre name and phone number:
Dance class(es) that you take:


Diana Xu, Jojo Zolina and Masarap Productions presents:



Click Here to join the group!

Hip Hop, House, Waacking, Experimental, YouTube ISO

Where: Storyeum Gallery @ 145 Cordova St.
Time: 5-12pm
When:October 3rd 2010
Cost:$20 presale / $25 at the door


Judges: Loose Joint(NYC) Waackisha(Montreal) Free(Seattle)

For more info and to register

Dance Coach Agenda – Monday Sept. 20, 2010

Dance Coach Agenda – Monday Sept. 20, 2010
1. Dance Team Auditions
Thursday, Sept. 24: 3-5pm
2:45 – 3pm sign up and get a number
3-3:10 – Teach BBoy Choreo
3:10 – 3:20 – Teach Hip Hop Choreo in the studio
3:20 – 3:30 – Teach Open Choreo or progression – in studio
3:30 – 5 – Groups of 4 – Bboy/ Jr/ Sr – sign up on sheet – In theatre
Someone should stay in the studio to help the dancers? Maybe Stephanie?
Choreo: 32 -64 counts + freestyle
2. First Day of Practices
I will be there at the start to: collect team fees, dance team hoodie fees, hand out and talk about contracts and give a notice for home.
3. Dance Team Hoodies
Do we want to keep the same ones this year?
Do you want to add something new? I still like the socks idea.
4. Sweat pants and T-shirts – Arterexia is making a design – which we will see before we order. We should see by the first week of October.
5. 20 Class Challenge: Dance Mondays – sign up
6. Competitions
Breakout, High School High, Outbreak
Footloose? Evolutio…

High School High Information

A Star Newsletter Fall 2010

Dear Dance Teachers, Leaders and Captains,


New Prices for HIGH SCHOOL HIGH!!

Even more Discounts before Dec 1st

Friday February 26th at 11:00 A.M.

HIGH SCHOOL HIGH HIP HOP DANCE Competition 2011           

At the State of the Art River Rock Theatre in Richmond

8811 River Road, Richmond B.C.  VERY ACCESSIBLE!

At the Canada Line Bridgeport Station                      

NEW PRICES: $50.00 competition fee for up to 5 members $100.00 for up to 10 members and $10.00 for each additional member. Includes guest performances, workshop and watching the other competitors! After December 1st, competitor fee is $15.00 per person.

It is your turn to let this year's event be one of your most memorable High School Experiences: share your talent and passion with dancers from all over B.C.!


- A wonderful H…

First Notice Home for Parents and Guardians

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Dance is a performance art so performing is a large part of a dance student’s education. Dance students are marked on their preparation as well as their skills demonstrated at these performances and at the dress rehearsal. Students will have the opportunity to perform informally in front of their peers and formally at assemblies, festivals and competitions. Notices of reminder and permission forms will be sent home when these events come closer.
The following performance and rehearsal dates are for shows at Frank Hurt Theatre. These performances are integral to the dance program. Please make note of these dates and help ensure that your child is in attendance. If there are any conflicts please inform your child’s teacher immediately.

This semester the dance department will be presenting two sets of evening shows. Our first show will be a workshop demonstration. This is a low-key performance on October 28 at 7pm and it is meant to be viewed by family members o…