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Footloose it is!!!

The dance teams have voted and Footloose wins this year! Footloose is Friday, Feb. 5, 2010 from 4pm - 10pm. This is a pro-d day for our school so the students will have to find their own way to the competition. Maybe we can get parents to carpool? Students can enter at 4pm but the audience will not be allowed in until 6pm - maybe carpool parents can go and have a nice dinner, shopping or a coffee??? Tickets are $8 in advance - deadline for buying advance tickets is JANUARY 8 at 8:30am. You may also purchase tickets at the door for $10 - but be safe and get your tickets early. I wouldn't want you to drive out and there be no tickets left at the door!!! Thanks!!

It is the students' responsibility to find their own way to the competition - please try to carpool so no one gets left out. Here are the directions:
8160 St. Albans Road
Richmond, BC V6Y 2K9

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