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Final Dance Team Meeting and Baseball Party!

I am planning to have one last dance team event. I would like to wrap up the year with a meeting and then some good old fashioned fun. We will start with our meeting in the dance room. Then we will move out to the field and play a game of baseball. I was thinking boys against the girls, maybe juniors against seniors??? Let me know how you want to battle that. All I know is I want Kelsi on my team!!! hahaha!! After the game we should have food and hang out for a bit. I think we should have snacks during the game too... to keep us energized!

The date I am planning this is Monday, June 14, 2010 from 3 - 6pm. Our show will be done and it should be nice and sunny outside.

I do not know much about baseball so I will need help with that. I think we should make this like a potluck. Everyone can bring something to eat to share. We should sign up for different snacks and foods so that people aren't bringing the same things... or we can all chip in some money and order pizza.. but it might be fun to do something different.

OK - here is your opportunity to let me know what you want and what you think of my idea. And remember, we are trying to do something that we can all do, for free, bond, have fun and celebrate the amazing year that we have all shared together.

Thanks for your input!

Happy Dancing,
Ms. J (aka J FRESH!)


  1. that sounds AWESOME!! but maybe we should all get to vote on what we get to do, because some people don't like baseball.

  2. Cool - what else can we do that is free... and close by... ??? Let's hear some suggestions to vote on.



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