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Dance Coach Agenda – Monday Sept. 20, 2010

Dance Coach Agenda – Monday Sept. 20, 2010
1. Dance Team Auditions
Thursday, Sept. 24: 3-5pm
2:45 – 3pm sign up and get a number
3-3:10 – Teach BBoy Choreo
3:10 – 3:20 – Teach Hip Hop Choreo in the studio
3:20 – 3:30 – Teach Open Choreo or progression – in studio
3:30 – 5 – Groups of 4 – Bboy/ Jr/ Sr – sign up on sheet – In theatre
Someone should stay in the studio to help the dancers? Maybe Stephanie?
Choreo: 32 -64 counts + freestyle
2. First Day of Practices
I will be there at the start to: collect team fees, dance team hoodie fees, hand out and talk about contracts and give a notice for home.
3. Dance Team Hoodies
Do we want to keep the same ones this year?
Do you want to add something new? I still like the socks idea.
4. Sweat pants and T-shirts – Arterexia is making a design – which we will see before we order. We should see by the first week of October.
5. 20 Class Challenge: Dance Mondays – sign up
6. Competitions
Breakout, High School High, Outbreak
Footloose? Evolution?
Something new?
7. Sign contracts
8. Any other items