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YouTubes: Bell Centre and Outbreak!!!

On Friday, April 29 - International Dance Day - Frank Hurt classes performed at the Surrey Secondary Dance Festival at the Bell Centre for Performing Arts. Here is a video of their performances:

On Saturday, April 30 - Frank Hurt classes and dance teams competed against sixteen other high schools at Outbreak at Chandos Pattison Theatre. My students made me so proud! I was just in yoga and I got a little verklempt thinking about how lucky I am to have so many awesome students to work with. You guys shined yesterday. I got compliments from the registration table - our school was the best at registration - polite, organized and in alphabetical order. Thank-you!!!!!

Now for our booty: The grade 8's won 2nd in the junior class division. The grade 9/10 class was competing against the boys class in the intermediate class division and they won 2nd and 1st. Matt and Josh danced at intermission because they won first for their junior duo at Outbreak Small Teams. The Junior Dance team did not place but they danced really well. The Senior dance team won FIRST and Andrew won first for his choreography as well. Anjali danced in a surprise piece at the end with Navid and Mica. And finally, the Bboys battled against Kwantlen Park and took second in the break battle. It was an amazing day! AWESOME job EVERYONE!!! Check out the videos from yesterday:


  1. Great job, Ms. J. and all the Frank Hurt Dancers - you guys make us proud!!!


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