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Dance Team Class Harbour Trip

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to start a monthly visit to Harbour Dance Centre with the Dance Team block. Taking classes with new teachers is a great way for a dance student to grow and it is fun to take classes with different dancers. It is also easier to go to Harbour if you have some of your friends with you. I am going to start this for October but it will be up to Ms. Henderson, (my replacement for maternity leave) whether or not she continues with it.

Money wise the Frank Hurt Dance fund raising account will cover the cost of the classes until we run out. The students will have to cover the cost of their transportation.

Students must also organize their own transportation to Harbour Dance Centre. They can go together on Trankslink or perhaps a parent or guardian would be able to volunteer to drive them to Vancouver and back. Please make sure you talk to your son or daughter and find out how they will be getting to and from Harbour Dance Centre. I will not be traveling with them. I will meet them at Harbour and walk them back to the SkyTrain if that is they way that they came.

Since we will be taking classes with other dancers we will not be able to bring every student every time. Instead I will be reserving spots in three classes. The first 15 students to bring in a signed permission form will get to go. First come, first serve.

Because I have to reserve spots in classes and get a cheque made up in the office the last day to bring in permission forms is Friday, October 19.

Itinerary for Thursday October 25, 2012:

2:49 or 3:19: Bus 325 and Sky Train Expo Line to Granville Station
3:50 or 4:19: Walk to Harbour Dance Centre (Above Tom Lee Music on Granville Street)
There is also time for the students to get something to eat on Granville street.
5:00-6:30: Contemporary Jazz Intro/ 1 – Christina Bucci
5:15-6:45: Ballet Intro – Danielle Clifford
5:30-6:30: Hip Hop 2 – Richard O’Sullivan
6:45: Walk returning students back to the SkyTrain

 Permission forms for this trip will be handed out on Thursday, October 4, 2012. 
The first 15 students with signed consent forms will be going to Harbour. 
The last day to bring in consent forms is Friday, October 19. 

THANKS!! Happy Dancing!