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WIP Costumes November 20 and 21, 2013

* Please make sure your black leggings are not see through. 
*Please make sure all bras and underwear and not showing. 
*Please wear a layer of clothes under your costumes because we will be sharing the dance room as our change room with both the boys and the girls. SO, if you need to really change you need to use the washroom. 

Block 1

Back it Up

Black leggings
Wow shirts and…
Black shoes - low cut (or the closest thing you have to it)
Hair: pulled to one side and curls
Make-up: Normal stage make up with red lipstick

Tainted Love

Black leggings
Black v-necks/ t-shirts
Bare feet
Hair: Pulled to one side and teased out with poof bangs
Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Block 2

Fatty Boom Boom 

White painted t-shirt
Black leggings
Bare Feet
Hair: Pulled back in a pony tail
Make-up: Normal stage make-up



White dress shirt
Black bow tie
Black leggings
Black shoes


Black dress shirt
White bow tie
Black leggings
Hair: pulled back in a pony tail
Make-up: normal stage make-up

Thrift Shop

You can wear whatever you want as long as it looks like it came from a thrift shop
Tap shoes
Hair: Whatever you want!
Make-up: Normal stage make-up

Block 3


Black Hoodie
Black pants
Black shoes

No Enemies

Killa Beez shirt
Black jeans or Dickies
Black shoes

Junior Team

Senior Team 

Break Team