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Congratulations Frank Hurt Dance Teams 2014 - 2015!

Thank-you to everyone that auditioned for Frank Hurt Dance Teams this year. We had an amazing turn out and I am proud of everyone that came and gave it a go. I know it can be very daunting. If you didn't make it this year please do not be discouraged. Please keep dancing and come back and try again next year. I know many people that didn't make it their first year in grade 8 but made it in grade 9. Just keep dancing and having fun.

If your name is on the lists, congratulations… but it is not over yet. The first two weeks of dance teams we will be watching all of the dancers. Please try your very hardest and practice as much as you can on your own time. We still have too many dancers and it was too hard to cut people from that little audition. We want to take the first two weeks to watch people working hard and dancing.

I also want to thank everyone who came to help out at our Dance team auditions. I feel so happy to have such supportive dance helpers and alumni. Thank-you!!

Here are the lists:


Baniqued, Angelica
Braceros, Danielle
Chand, Neha
Cruz, Ciara
Dominguez, Johanna
Gonzalez, Nicole
Hundal, Harlene
Legaspi, Andrea
Singh, Shariza
Torralba, Yancy
Tran, Kim
Tsehaye, Selina

Coaches: Seth and Calvin

Assistant Coach: Ella

Break Team

Allaraj, kevin
Dinh, Steven
Farook, Bilaal
Felipe, mark
Hipolito, Nes
Hussein, Yonis
Idemudia, AJ
Lal, Nikiel
Lepage, Braden
Lingham, Navnit
Manu, Merrick
McNeil, Jonathon
Montero, Brandon
Nair, Lucas
Paragas, Brian
Sewak, Ronesh
Shrestha, Subrat
Torres, Bryan
Tra, Huy
Wlen, Martin

Coach: Matt

Assistant Coaches: Lucas, Mark, and Kevin


El-Mikati, Joanna
Espiritu, Nicole
Estrada, Jermie
Felipe, Mark
Gragasin, Jovolynn
Idemuda, Aide
Larios, Diana
Licerio, Wanyae
Montero, Brandon
Nasol, Jolina
Saavedra, Ella
Tadiosa, Marien
Torrabla, Darla
Tran, Kim
Weekes, Jazmein
Yemane, Segen

Coach: Wanyae

Assistant Coaches: Kim and Jermie