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Assignment: Warm-ups and How to Use Audacity


You can download Audacity at home by going to: (or just Google Audacity!)

1. First you need to have music to edit. Your music needs to be in MP3 format. You can e-mail yourself the music, bring a CD, or your MP3 player with the USB cords.

2. If your music is in WAV format (you can hear play it on a normal CD player) then you have to convert it to an MP3. You can do this using Windows media player. Open the file in Media Player. Go to Options and change the format to MP3. Then RIP it. Remember to name and save the file somewhere you can easily find it again!

3. Open Audacity

4. Project: Import Audio – browse to find your song. You can only import one song at a time. (You can also drag and drop)

5. Edit your song. Highlight areas to add effects or listen to that one area. You should always listen to the area before you cut it so that you know that you have the correct selection. Little pointer hands will come up to make adjustments to your highlighted area if you go near the edge of your selection. You can use the magnifying glass to make the song bigger and this will make it easier to make the perfect cut.

6. Project: New Stereo Track. This is where you can paste the parts you want to make your version of the song.

7. When you are done creating your masterpiece, delete everything except for the one that you want to save. If you don’t delete all the other songs they will save as one song all combined.. very noisy!!

8. File: Export as WAV or MP3 (If you use SAVE AS it will not work!!!)

9. Finished!

YouTube to MP3 site