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Friday, May 29 Dress Rehearsal and Elementary Show ORDER

Please check the elementary show order to see if you have enough time to change between dances and for any other mistakes Ms. J might have hastily made. Thank-you.

May 29 Dress Rehearsal 1 (12:05 – 12:45)
12:05 – 12:10
1.    Block 2 – Mark dances on stage
12:10 – 12:20
2.    Block 3 – Mark dances on stage
12:20 – 12:30
3.    Block 4 – Mark dances on stage
12:30 – 12:33
4.    Juniors – Mark dances on stage
5.    Break – Mark dances on stage
6.    Seniors – Mark dances on stage
7.    All Teams  - mark Give me Love on Stage
8.    Finale
  • All dancers are sitting in the audience during the mark through so that we don’t have to go looking for anyone
  • Classes can mark small teams in the ten minutes after class dances are marked.
  • Teams can mark small teams at lunch or at Thursday practice.
  • I need a timer to keep this rehearsal running smooth:

May 29 Elementary Show Order (1 – 2pm) - DRAFT
1.    Senior Team: Rogue Weebs by Wanyae, Jermie, & Kim
2.    Block 4: Raven Brings the Light by Bradley, Jovan, Jordan, Harman B, Dante, & Damon
3.    X Block: Give me Love by Jessica Felix
4.    Block 4: The Story of the Raven by Harman G, Jeremy, Jai, Nick, Nathan, & Farhan
5.    Block 3: Roots by Savage Rock
6.    Block 4: The Man who became an Eagle by Brian, Kents, Gurman, Siraj, & Jastej

7.    Block 2: Red Shoes
8.    Block 4: Scratch Promo by Savage Rock  
9.    Junior Team: G.I.R.L.S. by Calvin, Seth, & Ella
10. Block 3 and 4 Beat Street
11. Block 2: The Fairy Village by Mildred, Manisha, Jasmine L, Nicole, & Berna  

12. Block 3: The Girl who loved Wild Horses by Yonis, Mark, Lucas, Martin, Ronesh, Jonathan, Huy, & Ruheed
13. Block 2: The Loyal Sweetheart by Helen, Chloe, Kim, & Berta

14. Block 3: The Lost Children by Brandon, Rajan, Nes, Jaskaran, Bilaal, Khaleyl, & Merrick
15. Block 4: Coyote Creates the Big Dipper by Braden & Bryan
16. Block 2: Geek USA

17. Break Team: Yeet by Matt
18. Block 2: Coyote and Grizzly Bear Make Day and Night by Saron, Aimee, Primor, & Melanie
Fade out after seniors
19. Bow (Block 4, 2, 3, Jr, Br, Sr)
20. Finale: Sweatpants
21. Cipher

May 29 Dress Rehearsal 2 (2:10 – 2:39)
1.    Yeeeeta: Bryan, Brian, Braden, Nes, Bilaal, Brandon, & Steven
2.    Double Trouble: Segan & Diana

3.    Ella:
4.    Power Puffs: Neha & Harlene
5.    Angelica, Johanna, Jovalynn, Selina, Yancy, & Aide
6.     Superstars: Ella & Jermie
7.    Sinigals: Andrea, Charlene, & Ciara
8.    Homeless: Kim & Joanna

9.     Super Rowdy Dandelions: Huy, Jonathan, Nikiel, Lucas, Yonis, Ronesh, & Mark 
10. KimChi: Kim & Charlene
11. Aimee: Lexion
12. Kim & Joanna


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