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Congratulations Dance Teams 2015 - 2016! 

Thank-you to everyone that came out to audition. If you did not make it this year - keep dancing and come out again next year. Come dance at lunch and take dance class. The more you dance the stronger you will become. For Break Team - Matt has said, if you are practising at lunch and your foundation skills improve - he may add people to the team later. 

For those of you that did make it - your first few practices are still like an audition - so try your best and have a positive attitude. 

Thank-you again for coming out and auditioning this year. Everyone who danced made me really happy. 

Junior Dance Team
Coaches: Seth, Calvin, Angelica, Andrea, Johanna
Practices: Wednesday & Thursday 3 – 4:30
Sita Naiker
Charlene Ursua
Andrea Legaspi
Ciara Cruz*
Simran Pooni
Tam Tran
Donna Tran
Kim Tran
Saron Beyene
Trizia Arlan
Melanie Peralta
Lily Trinh
Brian Paragas*
Aimee Bryant
Rajan Sandhu*
Leandra Milfrise
Break Team (15)
Coaches: Matt, Lucas, Huy, & Jonathan
Practices: Wednesday & Thursday  3 – 4:30
Steven Dinh
Bryan Torres
Brandon Montero
Bilaal Farook
AJ Idemudia
Brian Paragas*
Rajan Sandhu*
Yonis Hussein
Ronesh Sewak
Nes Hipolito
Nikiel Lal
Braden LePage!!!
Ciara Cruz*

*must choose one team – practices are on the same day.

Senior Dance Team
Coaches: Jermie, Kim, & Ella
Practices: Tuesday & Thursday 3 – 4:30

Ciara Cruz
Andrea Legaspi
Charlene Ursua
Angelica Baniqued
Yancy Torralba
Diana Larios
Segan Yemane
Rajan Sandhu
Joanna El Mikati – come to first practice to audition
Mearon Gebrimaichael – come to first practice to audition