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Saturday, February 27: Shamrock Dance Competition for ALL TEAMS

  1. Please make sure you have a ride / pick-up from the competition and/ or you are not traveling alone on Translink. 
  2. Be there at 2:45pm. I will meet you there and you can't enter without me. 
  3. Bring food, water (and $), and costumes.  
  4. Your bags will be checked and the Vancouver Police Department will be there. 
  5. There are no in and outs after 4pm and each time you go in and out your bags must be checked. 

Translink Instructions: 

Practice Times at St. Pat's: 

Email from competition: 

Teams will have 7 minutes to rehearse on the stage as we make final preparations for the event (lighting and sound adjustments).  Time slots will be strictly enforced by event staff.  Please be ready in the gym prior to your practice window in order to ensure you can take full advantage of your time.  Due to the large number of acts performing, there will be no adjustments made should a team arrives late or miss their practice window.  

We have accommodated your staging/practice time requests (submitted during registration) to the best of our ability.  Almost all teams indicated a 4 pm preference, so, unfortunately, we were not able to match your requests exactly.  Thank you for your understanding with this.

Lastly, tickets for the event are selling quickly.  Please pass on the ticket purchase link to your dance fan community (thank you to those who have done this already).  This is one of the few local high school dance competition that allows audience members to buy tickets online in advance (print at home tickets, like Ticketmaster).  If your school is far away from ours, this is particularly important as there is a strong possibility that the event might be sold out by the time guests arrive at the venue doors.  Some tickets may be available at the door for $15, but all online tickets are $10 and guarantee a spot.  This event sells out each year and we are doing our best to not disappoint those who want to see the show.

Ticket sales link: