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Notice: Upcoming Dance Events in April

April Dance Events

  • All teams are competing
  • Please bring 3 food donations each. We need 80 total. 
  • Registration time is to be announced but let's aim to be there by 4:30pm until we hear otherwise. 
  • Transit to Holy Cross - make sure everyone is traveling together. Please have your parents pick you up after you dance or at the end of the competition. 
Tuesday, April 11: 10 - 1:30 - Surrey Dance Festival at the Bell Centre 
  • Admission is free - come and watch. 
  • Break class is performing
  • Please bring your lunch this day. 
  • Block order is ABCD. Come to the dance room at the start of block B and we will be gone for B, lunch, and C. You will attend block A and block D. 
  • Please bring your costume. 
  • Please use the washroom before we leave for the Bell Centre. 
Thursday, April 20: 2:50 - 4:20 Frank Hurt Open House / Extended Dance Teams Practice
  • Let's use this time to get ready for Outbreak the following Saturday. 
  • Registration time: To be announced
  • Tickets $10 from Ms. J - please invite your friends and family to come and watch. 


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