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Dance Team Votes: High School High or FootLoose?

Check out the two competitions. Choose which one you would like to go to. We will be voting next week during dance team practices. Check the dates and money info with your parents.. which would they prefer? Ask kids who have been to both - which do they prefer?

Footloose: Hip Hop Dance Competition free to students (Frank Hurt Pays)
~February 5, 2010!~
Doors Open at 6:00pm
8160 St. Albans Road
Richmond, BC
V6Y 2K9
General Admission $8 (pre-sale)$10 at the door
Kids under 5 years are free
Here is a youtube from last year... Sullivan Heights.. I loved this trio!!


High School High: Friday, March 5, 2010 at The RiverRock 4-9pm Cost: $20/ dancer and $15/ audience member
Friday March 5th, 2010 at 4:00pm
River Rock Show Theatre
8811 River Road in Richmond, B.C.
Doors open at 3:00pm.
Here is a collage from last years competition:


  1. The robot`y one, it looks more fun and more challenging rather then your basic high school competition. The second one showed various TYPES of dance but the first one only showed one dance and i'm still sold by the first one. Another thing being, the first ones cheaper. BOO YAH, everyone wins.

    ...except for me of course, seeing as ii graduated a long time ago. Any way just my two cents.

    PS: SULLIVAN IS OUR RIVAL SCHOOL, go show them what we're made of.

    ..okay i'm done, GOOD DAY!

    //CP. <3

  2. Footloose !! <3 looks more challenging and it costs less


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