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A question from a mom about sweatpants -why don't we have them yet? Here is what I said:

Now, with the sweatpants - we needed more people to order them to get them at that price. We were all trying to round up more students to get enough to run the order. Since that failed, our new plan is to design a new pair of sweat pants and get them from our usualy printer which should be cheaper. If the students who have already ordered sweatpants don't like the new design or if you want your money back now I just need to fill out a form for the secretary and she will write you a cheque. If she likes them she will get a cheque for the difference. Sorry for the delay - I really want them too!! I am just waiting on a design right now. Thanks for the e-mail!! Have a great day!! I should put this info on the blog too.. for other parents!! THANKS AGAIN!! See you tonight!!


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