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I know who you LOVE!! And... I LOVE THEM TOO!

You know who these kids are. You like these kids. You are always excited when you get to see them. Man... a lot of them have their signatures on your shirt. A lot of you have one or more of their T-shirts and wear them with pride. You look up to these dudes. You learn from these guys. You want to BE these guys. WHY? Because they ROCK and they live the BREAK LIFE.

NOW you can do something to help NON crew. OR not. NEVER say never to watching YouTube. OK.. that was bad! BUT really, watch this NON YouTube and you will be helping them to get onto MTV!! They have to have 8000 views to be in the game. SO, once you have watched it make your friends watch, get your mom to watch it, dude, show your dog!


So, did you watch it??? What was your favourite part???


  1. Night vision.. the vision for the black man!


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