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NEW! 20 Dance Mondays - dance classes for all dancers!!

  • Next year we are going to have open dance classes for all dancers on Mondays after school from 3-4.
  • Anyone can come and dance and if you are in dance class these classes will count as 6 make-up classes.
  • All dance team members are expected to attend but if you miss class it will not count as a missed practice.
  • Dance team students will have the opportunity to sign up to teach these classes. This is a great opportunity to make up choreo and practice teaching a large group.
  • There may be guest teachers during this time or Frank Hurt alumni!
  • If you are interested in leading a Dance Monday please contact Ms. J
  • I will post a calendar of who is teaching outside the studio.
  • I will also post a calendar page here for Dance Mondays - check the Studio Schedule tab at the top of this blog!
  • Can you take all 20 Monday Dance classes? This is your 20 class challenge!! Write you name on the poster in the dance room and collect stickers for every class you take! How many can you do?


  1. OMG!! THIS SOUNDS REALLY COOL!! :D i'd like to teach one :)

  2. I was hoping you would! Pick a day... and plan out a dope choreo!! FUN!


  4. COOLIO! You are in!! I will post you in RIGHT NOW!

  5. If there's any extra spots, can you please tell me? :)i wouldn't mind teaching more than once :)

  6. :-) I will let you know :) Thanks Monica!! I think these Mondays are going to be a cool new addition to Frank Hurt Dance POWER!

  7. hi ms j! i was wondering if i could get two more classes. i just made up this REALLY sick choreo and i thought some ppl might wanna learn it :)


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